Cruise Control Software Safety Suggestion

Cruise Control Software Safety Suggestion

I am increasingly reluctant to use cruise control. My wife has been so alarmed that I am urged not to even use it while she is traveling with me.

The tie in to the map speed limit sign is a bad idea as frequently that limit has been changed or the conditions are changed making that speed dangerous or illegal. One should be able to set the cruise control to the current car velocity rather than experience the rapid acceleration to what the map app thinks is the proper speed. Also, when a car in front of you moves over its often for a good reason - a reason you would not want your vehicle to suddenly accelerate to a map derived higher speed. Increasing speed under this scenario should default to the driver. It should also be a driver default to raise the speed each and every time the car slows below the speed limit and the driver set cruise control is higher than the posted speed limit. The driver should exercise their own decision on exceeding the posted limit each and every time the vehicle passes through the posted limit. There should not be a situation where a vehicle independently returns to 75 mph after slowing to 60 on a 65 mph posted highway. More work needs to be done.

hoffmannjames | June 10, 2018

you can manually adjust your cruise control max speed with the scroll wheel on the steering wheel

noleaf4me | June 10, 2018

that's what I do -- scroll the speed down as soon as you set it. I wish it did not go up to the offset speed (which I have set for +10 just so it warns me when I'm driving too fast -- but I've gotten pretty used to it by now.

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 10, 2018

Or, simply turn OFF the offset speed indicator, or lower it to maybe 5 MPH below the posted speed limit.