Tesla App - include button to open and close all windows.

Tesla App - include button to open and close all windows.

I just turned on my Tesla App today and connected to my new Model III. I noticed that I can beep the horn and flash the lights but I can’t open and close all the windows.

This control would be supremely helpful especially if you notice an open window, you’re in a restaurant and it starts to rain.

Similarly, if it’s a beautiful crisp morning and rather than turning on the A/C you would rather open the windows and enjoy the fresh air when you arrive.

Please add this all window open/close button to a future update to the Tesla app and the Model III.

Many thanks,
Chuck P

slasher0016 | June 20, 2018

I tweeted this at @ElonMusk awhile ago and I agree. Seems like a very logical thing to add to the app.

hokiegir1 | June 20, 2018

Remotely putting windows up is a safety issue, and as I understand it, a feature that used to be on the Model S and was deactivated (because if someone's arm/fingers are there and you remotely raise it, they may be injured). Remote down is a possibility, but not one I'd use.

msilver9 | June 20, 2018

As one who suffers from my 3 occasionally being possessed and having a window lower itself, it would be nice to at least have an indicator of window status on the app and even better for a notification option if the car goes to sleep and a window is left open.

socaldave | June 20, 2018

YES, PLEASE!! On my Volvo, I can remotely roll the windows down via my fob, and it's great. But yeah, remote windows up won't ever happen - such a litigious society would have a field day.

EVMan | June 20, 2018

I would use the down feature. My current vehicle allows this from the key fob. Even on a cool day it gets pretty hot inside, parked in the sun. When I'm about 200 ft. away I lower all the windows and by the time I get there it is comfortable.

jithesh | June 20, 2018

yes.. i was thinking the same.. my actual need is to open the windows in afternoon to let some air in once in a while. since my model 3 is parked in sun it gets very hot i feel i loose more miles because of that.

Em0r0g | June 21, 2018

+1 for open only. Remote close is not safe. :)

djharrington | June 21, 2018

I used to enjoy the open function on my Audi fobs but haven’t missed it at all considering I can actively cool the car long before I’d be in range with a fob. I regularly start cooling my wife’s S as she leaves her building. Let me tell you, that has benefits beyond simply cooling her car!

0ptions | June 21, 2018

I current have the up and down feature on my 2013 Chevy Cruze with an OBDII adaptor that you plug in.
I absolutely love the ability to roll my windows down as I am walking out to my car after work.
I also love that I can roll them all up when I arrive at my destination when I press the lock button on my fob. Saves me time too as I don't have to sit there and roll the windows up before I get out.
Safety issue? The windows don't automatically stop when excess current is drawn by the motor because of resistance?

chuck | June 21, 2018

I would like the app to be able to tell me if any window or windows is/are open. I don't need to know which one(s) or how far, just if any windows are open at all. AND, I would like the app to have a button to close all windows. I don't separate buttons for individual windows nor do I need a button to open windows. But, if I'm in a big meeting I can't duck out of, and I see out the window that we're have an unexpected rain shower, I want to be able to know if my windows are all up and, if not, to close them.

DragonGate | October 13, 2018 least the window open/close status indicator on the app!

ODWms | October 13, 2018

Excellent idea. No brainer, really.

gm4gwu | October 13, 2018

+1 for window open from app and more specifically it should only require bluetooth connection and not full Tesla server connection. I am also waiting for similar function for charge port open.

lbowroom | October 13, 2018

Yes, the windows have pinch protection circuits. Place your hand in the way of closing the window, engage auto up. Window will squeeze you a little and then retract. No lawsuit required. Remote door pop would be nice to keep finger prints off the chrome and alleviate new passenger door training.

anjuchauhan506 | October 28, 2018

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dylan.mcgrath | June 4, 2019

+1 for window controls from app. Would be good to close windows from in the house if it starts to rain. Also nice to open from app on a hot day, if car parked securely of course.

billlake2000 | June 4, 2019

Dear Tesla, read my lips!

ashlee_92 | June 4, 2019

Yes, I'd love to be able to open the windows at least an inch from the app for some natural ventilation, instead of turning on the AC. Offcourse, closing them would have to be from the car buttons.
That would be great !

Effopec | June 4, 2019

Circular saws now have a sensor that will detect a finger and stop the saw immediately. You'd think a car window could tell if anything was blocking it's path and reverse. I'd take it a step further - if the window is down have the rain sensor active and close the windows if it is raining. Sure, you've already got some water in there, but it could save you from having the inside drenched.

rob.kibler | June 4, 2019


toyMast3r | June 4, 2019

There is a camera inside the car that can be used for safety check. Remote windows would be so awesome.

vikram0228 | June 4, 2019

I would really like to be able to open and close windows from the phone app. I can do this with my remote key fob on my other german car. The Tesla is light years ahead - we just need them to decide to include this feature

reedontherun | June 5, 2019

yes please add remote up down on the windows, also having remote up means if it's raining and you are not close to the car you can still raise the windows to keep the water out!

spuzzz123 | June 5, 2019

Ok. I’ll add that feature in your next release.

walnotr | June 5, 2019

49 CFR chapter V §571.118 S5 (a) (1) only allows remote window closure if there is an automatic reverse system built into the window mechanism. Does the Model 3 have this?

I have not tried it to find out but I think the car has to be on to actuate the windows which puts it under S4.

Let me know if I’m reading this incorrectly.

finman100 | June 5, 2019

I'm gonna wait 'till auto-wipers work better before I'd trust the AI rain sensor to close my window when it "detects" rain. I'm just saying.

billlake2000 | June 5, 2019

spuzz, thanks for understanding.

vikram0228 | June 5, 2019

thanks Spuzzz123. We will be waiting for the remote window operation functionality to be added

mandeeprandhawa85 | June 5, 2019

Definitely a much needed feature, sometimes when on hot days, you can see your car from a distance and know it's cabin is hot, i would roll down the windows for few mins before i kick the A/C on. Thus saving some energy that A/C would have used.

Quinten | June 5, 2019

It would be very usefully but I can total see some dumb parent might hurt their kids whos in the car when they use the phone app to close all of the windows. I know you not suppose to leave your kids in the car. What about pets like a dog? I still would love to have this feature thou. Do they have this for the X or S?

I know early model S has sun roof that allows adjusting it but not for the windows?

lbowroom | June 5, 2019

Quinten. The auto pinch protect circuitry would remain active on an auto roll up. No different than if a parent rolls up the window while he's driving and pinches his kids head or other body part in the gap. As soon as there is a current rise before the window is full up indicating something is in the way, the window retracts to release the body part.

Lonestar10_1999 | June 5, 2019

Spuzz, does the API have a windows up command?

raphaelboccella | June 6, 2019

Not for nothing (and this pertains to all cars these days) but we have sensors that can detect rain desnity/volume to turn on/off and control the speed of our wipers... Why not have the cars automatically roll up the windows when they detect rain? At least have a setting to enable it, maybe not a 100% default.

Iwantmy3 | June 6, 2019

Absolutely agree! Remote window control would be an excellent feature for hot summer days.

Graham333 | June 10, 2019

New Model 3 owner, I just tried to find this in the app only to be disappointed. I live in Oklahoma and would love to remotely crack the windows down a bit during Summer.

spuzzz123 | June 10, 2019

Precooling. It’s better. You’ll dig it even in Oklahoma.

MFalcon79 | June 24, 2019

Please! Remote control of the windows would be awesome!

Lonestar10_1999 | June 24, 2019

It’s my understanding that remote control of windows is not currently in the API array of commands/controls that Tesla exposes to the programmer’s interface.

If so, Tesla must first be convinced that window control ought to be added to the API. Once Tesla agrees to upgrade the API, I am sure the app developers will include it in their app.