$1000 Reservation Deposit vs. $2500 payment at Configuration

$1000 Reservation Deposit vs. $2500 payment at Configuration

I'm sure this has been asked 100 times, and for that I apologize. But, the configurator changes so I just want to be sure. I received my invite and I get up to the page that is looking for payment info with the blue 'Order' button. Its not clear if there's another confirmation step after that. Question is, nowhere does it show that the reservation fee is being credited toward the cost of the vehicle. Do I really owe $1500 because they're applying the reservation deposit against the $2500? Just seems a little misleading.

Thanks in advance!

HighlandPony | June 28, 2018

No, you will be paying an additional $2500, for a total of $3500. This $3500 will be applied toward the purchase of your car when you take possession.