Tesla 200k sales in US?

Tesla 200k sales in US?

Any ideas on whether tesla hit 200k in June? | July 5, 2018


lilgribs | July 5, 2018

Lol, nope they didn't or nope on ideas?

Way2ski | July 5, 2018

I'm about to plunk down $2500 (non refundable) and would like to know if my vehicle will qualify for the $7500 tax credit. It seems to me that Tesla is being inappropriately vague on this. Will I back out if I don't get it? Maybe. But I'd like to know where I stand in the process if I sign up for purchase today (July 5, 2018)

How bout it Tesla?

lilgribs | July 5, 2018

Exact reason I'm asking. Plus that $2500 Is nonrefundable. Would be extremely misleading to show those discounts on their web site s part of the "cost," but it's reduced by delivery time

EVRider | July 5, 2018

It’s unlikely Tesla hit the milestone in June and decided not to tell anyone. Even if they did, whether you’ll get the credit depends on (1) how long you have to wait for delivery, and (2) whether proposed legislation in Congress to eliminate the 200,000 vehicle cap passes.

HeinekenMS100D | July 5, 2018

Might depend on what you're ordering. If MS or MX you will likely get it since there is a phase-out period even if they did hit the 200k mark. If you're ordering an M3 then it's up in the air depending on when you take delivery. I've read 400k M3's were ordered when they announced two years ago. Not sure how many since then but I would guess a lot. Tesla just announced they produced ~24k M3s in Q2 which was their best quarter to date. so just looking at the math, most people who have ordered an M3 will be waiting a long time. If the tax credit is important, I'd be hesitant to order as the numbers don't look good for new orders.

SUN 2 DRV | July 5, 2018

There will still be at least a $3750 US Federal Tax credit available through early to mid 2019. And I'm sure Tesla will continue to prioritize Long Range and better versions through that period (although not exclusively and will phase in SOME Standard Range versions).

So if you order the LR version I think there's a very good chance you'll get at least the $3750 US Fed Tax Credit, if you income qualify for it.

Rocky_H | July 5, 2018

@Way2Ski & lilgribs, It's based on when the car is delivered, and they can't know that exactly months ahead of time for your particular car, so they don't have that information. It's trying to read a crystal ball, so they aren't going to make you a promise about it now.

lilgribs | July 5, 2018

Let me clarify. I reserved on day one. I can order right now and tesla says i would get performance in 2-4 months and LR in 3-5 months. If 200k in June then credit cut in half beginning October...if not, good through the year... which tesla claims I would have my car by

Rocky_H | July 6, 2018

@lilgribs, Yes, they will announce in a few weeks their quarterly results, and at that time, they will almost certainly tell whether they crossed that 200K mark in Q2 or whether it has pushed over into Q3. So at that point, we will know whether the $7,500 amount runs until the end of September or the end of December.

However, that is knowing the dates. They can't know and tell each person exactly what level their tax credit will be, because they can't know months ahead of time exactly when everyone's car will be delivered. From knowing the schedule, you'll have to make an educated guess. Delivery timelines just aren't that exact months ahead of time, while their production output is being increased at some not quite known rate.

NKYTA | July 6, 2018

@Rocky, and let’s hope they don’t know the taxable income for 2018 for all of their customers too!!

lilgribs | July 6, 2018

Ok lol. The question really was did they cross in Q2, starting the phase out in Q2. Just an FYI they are giving timelines for delivery. Like I said before, they are telling me 2-4 months delivery time for performance model and 3-5 months for LR. I get that they can't tell me the exact day of delivery up front. But if they are telling me 2-4 months or 3-5 months. I believe it would be misleading if it actually took 7 or 8 months...i don't think that is crazy.

EVRider | July 7, 2018

Delivery dates can change after you place your order, so there’s no guarantee it won’t take longer to get your car than the current estimate. Unless the availability of the full tax credit determines if and what you order, just order what you want and hope for the best.

lkstaack | July 7, 2018

@EVRider: it would be more likely that Tesla would keep mum if they hit the magic 200k in June. Tesla knows that many people will defer or cancel their M3 order if they know they will not get the full Federal tax credit. OTOH, many potential buyers would probably pull the trigger now if Tesla successfully pushed out the 200k until July. But, they have not announced as much. Silence often speaks louder than words.

johnyi | July 7, 2018

They can't keep mum if they hit it - they are required to report it to the government, and there's no way that wouldn't be leaked.

Yodrak. | July 7, 2018

The longer one delays ordering, the more likely they are also delaying their delivery date thus increasing the probability of missing the full tax credit.

If $3,750 is really a deal killer one should re-evaluate whether they can really afford the car.

johnyi | July 7, 2018

@Yodrak, I think a lot of it is psychological. Missing out on a "deal". It weighed on me a bit, as I considered whether to wait for AWD on the M3. My brother is so bad about "deals" that he will walk away from a very nicely priced car if he can't get a discount on it, and go buy an overpriced competitor that he got a "deal" on even though it cost him more.

Yodrak. | July 7, 2018

"I think a lot of it is psychological."

I agree.

Anzir | July 7, 2018

Delivery numbers have to be certified by the IRS, which sometimes can add a month to Tesla's announcement.

Anzir | July 7, 2018

And there is no income limit to the tax credit, per my accountant.

EVGuy2018 | July 7, 2018

If Tesla management wasn’t smart or “customer friendly” enough to hold up US delivery # 200,000 until after July 1st, so be it, let the “tax credits fall where they may!” My concern, however, is whether they are going to be fair on how they prioritize their orders. A couple of people in the Model 3 forum are focusing on the date they put in their configuration orders and implying that a person who had been on the waiting list longer will “lose out” to somebody who just showed up the week before but “pulled the trigger” faster...? So, if Tesla has abandoned their list, I would like to know!

Anzir | July 7, 2018

All the government (and Tesla, therefore) care about are deliveries. Whoever gets their cars delivered before the cutoff gets the credit. Tesla should stop showing the tax incentive on the online configurator if there is a chance that an order placed that day may not be eligible for the credit.

lkstaack | July 7, 2018

@Yodrak "If $3,750 is really a deal killer one should re-evaluate whether they can really afford the car."

I have read many versions of this statement and don't understand the logic. I would say "if $3,750 is easily tossed away, one should reconsider their spending habits".

Doesn't anyone remember the saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin "Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves"? I earn well over six figures and pay tens of thousands of dollars each year for federal, state, and property taxes. Although I earn more than I ever thought I would, I have large expenses as well; housing, college, retirement spending and savings take the most. I don't have a lot left at the end of the month and I scrutinize what I spend with it.

The point is this: don't tell me what I can or can't afford; $3,750 should be a lot to everyone and it influences what EV auto I choose to purchase.

Middledawg | July 7, 2018

There is also a saying to not sweat what you can't control. The EV tax credit is a poorly thought out law. I suppose it was written assuming no car manufacturer would ever get close to 200,000 sales. That thinking was wrong.

If you want a Tesla you might have to give up the $3,750 tax credit because that is the law and neither you or Tesla can change that fact. If it is indeed a dealbreaker that outweighs how much you want a Tesla, then you should buy a car from another manufacturer that hasn't hit the 200k limit.

There's a bill in Congress to do away with the 200k limit. Given the makeup of this Congress and its less than sterling track record, waiting on whales learning to fly would be a better bet.

Madatgascar | July 7, 2018


EVGuy2018 | July 8, 2018

Tesla opened the “Model 3 floodgates” on June 26th and solicited the additional non-refundable $2500 from thousands of people all of a sudden. They knew then whether they were going to deliver #200k in the US or not, They are telling everybody to expect delivery “within 5 months” or in Q-4 2018.
If they now come out and announce, “By the way, we delivered #200,000 in Q-2 so you buyers who just put in the $2,500 will lose $3,750 of the incentive”’ it would appear disengenious at the very least, if not immoral on the part of Tesla management. I hope this will not be the case and all these people recently configuring with Q-4 deliveries get the full $7,500 tax credit! If not, it will lead to accusations against Tesla of bad business and negative PR.
Moreover, I also hope that Tesla is adhering to their policy of assigning priority based on when the original $1,000 deposits were put in, as they have said often they would do. If they abandon that and just fill orders when they come, that would also be bad business and PR for Tesla!

johnyi | July 8, 2018

Probably sucks to be in that position, but they have always been first come first serve in terms of when the order / $2500 deposit is placed, other than if they happen to have the config you want local already. Your place in line for the $1000 deposit was only a factor in when you got the invite to configure, and even that wasn't totally true, as former owners were allowed to "jump the line" when they put down a deposit.

johnyi | July 8, 2018

Sorry hit "save" too soon. As to why they opened the floodgates and totally ignored the invite line, I have no idea. Maybe it's a sign of confidence on their part that they can fulfill all non-SR orders in Q3/Q4, and didn't want to bother with the line anymore. Or they got through the bulk of the line (3/31 / 4/1 reservations)for US reservations, and the rest of the line was tiny. Or they got tired of whiners complaining that some guy they heard about on the web got to configure before they did, so they just blew the line up.

ravil.desai | July 9, 2018

@johnyi It is interesting how you are differentiating the first come first serve in terms when it comes to putting the $1000 deposit v/s putting additional $2,500 when actually putting an order. I would really like to see an official wording from Tesla about that, unless I am missing something. If what you say is correct, then Tesla is being dishonest and not fair. Here is my situation -

Reserved on 1st day of reservation
Received Email end of May/June 1st week to go ahead and Design my Model 3
I waited for two things - See and touch the car (apparently test drive was completely out of question) and deciding on color. Called up Tesla and asked them if would I loose my spot if I didn't order until I have checked out the car. I was told that I will NOT loose my spot. At that time, it said it would take 3-6 weeks for delivery. So, went over to Walnut Creek, CA to check out the Model 3 and they didn't have it. So, I called up about 5 showrooms in Bay Area and they had only one Model 3 that was shared across showrooms. In any case, I finally put my order on June 25th and now my order said 3-5 Months. Now, I am reading on Forums here, there are people show reserved in Jan 2017 (almost 8 months later than me) are picking up there Model 3. So basically, Tesla lied to me and I got squeezed out. I am sure there are many like out there also.

johnyi | July 9, 2018

@Ravil, sorry to hear about your situation, but it sounds pretty common. I think there's a disconnect on what "losing my place in line" means. No direct knowledge but I'm guessing to Tesla it means you don't go to the back of the line (of reservation holders), but until you commit to an order, anyone else that does gets to go ahead of you. so while you waited, thousands of people didn't wait and committed their $2500.

At least you committed before the floodgates opened on June 27, or you would be even further back!

Rocky_H | July 10, 2018

The cars aren't all the same configuration, and it depends a lot on what specifically you ordered.

Picture this: Let's say you go into McDonalds and order a Fillet O'fish meal. The cashier tells you that they don't have the fish ready and are cooking more, but you can step to the side, and they'll have it to you as soon as it's ready. Meanwhile, the next 10 people in line all order Big Mac combos, which they have plenty of and all get their orders. Yes, they did get their orders before you because they ordered something different, but you did not lose your place of being first in line for the fish sandwich as soon as it's ready.

jerryk | July 11, 2018

This whole got bypassed in the queue response is out of proportion.

The thing to remember with Tesla is every order is a custom order. There is no backlog of cars Tesla built assuming a customer will want that configuration. You get a specific VIN # configured exactly how you want it. So if you take time to figure out how you want it, others can get in the production queue ahead of you.

And you need to pay the non-refundable $2500 fee, just like every other Model S, X, and 3 owner did. Everything you paid ahead of time will come off your final delivery bill.