Where can I find my purchase documents?

Where can I find my purchase documents?

I got my Models on 07/03/2018, where can I find my purchase documents so I can apply my rebate.

aaron.graham | July 6, 2018

Same Q here. I asked Tesla and they said to expect it within 3 business days after pickup. Has been that long, still not seeing it. But also want to know where it will show up.

jwitkin | July 6, 2018

You should have gotten the documents when you took delivery. Some of the documents required for the rebates (at least in California) were only given to me then. There were versions online, but they were not fully executed and signed, and were not acceptable for the rebate.

If you were told you would not get them until later, I would call the Delivery Center. Ask them about the specific documents you need. | December 20, 2018

Same question. The person told me it will be available on my Tesla account. Not sure where in there.

Mozart | December 20, 2018

Online in your Tesla account

jithesh | December 20, 2018

Click on "Manage" button
On next page, Click on "View Details" link below your car
On next page, Click on "View" link against each for e.g. "Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement"

But they should have given you a hardcopy when you picked up, they gave me.

takk | December 20, 2018

Same here... the delivery person told me that the signed document will be in my account and she didn't give me any paper/copy. I've been checking the MVPA in my account but it does not have signatures.

steveishere | December 20, 2018

I had similar problem back on September; I did not received a signed copy of the document during delivery; a week after delivery the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement link in my account page was still blank.

I emailed my delivery specialist; within an hour she gave sent me the signed document.

drucci | January 27, 2019

Man, those links should be in BLUE like the rest of their page links.

terminator9 | January 27, 2019

In the glove compartment.

jimmco | March 18, 2019

So where do we get the signed documents? Can we get the rebate if the sales contract isn’t signed?

jimmco | March 18, 2019

So where do we get the signed documents? Can we get the rebate if the sales contract isn’t signed?

apodbdrs | March 18, 2019

I requested mine online from my account using "Comments", because the ones in my online "Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement" weren't signed. TESLA emailed me copies, but I still needed one more signed document for my State Rebate, which I got by going to the delivery center and showing them the document the State of California required. I now have all my signed documents and have received my State rebate.

jeff d | March 18, 2019
But they should have emailed you soft copies of the signed ones after delivery.

BenHump | April 21, 2019

Thanks @jithesh that's far more useful than the information from Tesla support.