Model S 75D real life range

Model S 75D real life range

hi guys.. im curious to hear from other Model S 75D owners to see what kind of real world range is being realised. I ask, as when i charge to 95%, it says i have 349km of range - which even driving most conservatively is difficult to realise. Also, when ordering a new car, the website says up to 490km of range.

henley-tesla | July 19, 2018

The website's claims are on the NEDC cycle (Your reference to Km makes me think you're European). The NEDC cycle is hopelessly optimistic, so unless you plan on driving at 50km/h on a totally flat road in late spring with no wind, rain or other traffic, you can forget that number!

Similarly, the number you see next to the battery status in the instrument cluster is calculated based on "Typical" usage (around 190 Wh/Km) according to the numbers Tesla certified the car to. If you use the energy consumption charts you'll see your own usage will fluctuate quite a bit around that number depending on conditions and your driving style. Which means the range in the instrument display is *also* normally an optimistic estimate - my experience so far is that it's between 10-15% more optimistic than reality over longer trips, more so on shorter trips.

My S 75D is only 3 months old so I'm not best placed to talk long-term averages (e.g. I've not yet driven through a winter. Some heavy rain and wind, but not winter cold). I bought my car on the basis that I'd be able to make a 200 mile (~300km) trip between chargers; any more than that I consider a contingency reserve. So far all the evidence suggests that unless there's 50cm of snow and it's -20C I ought to be able to manage this, so I'm satisfied.

jayarr | July 19, 2018

I've been through a tough UK winter and going through an equally tough summer (yeh I know, you don't know "tough" until you've seen a mid-US winter blah blah..) and regularly trip from London to Devon/ Cornwall. My range is consistently just under the 200 mile mark on a full (240 mile) charge. I do it without thinking about it now although first few times I was very wary, especially when getting stuck in huge traffic jams with 10-15% left.

jayarr | July 19, 2018

PS, meant to say S 75D December 2017 10,000 miles on clock

avesraggiana | July 19, 2018

@jayarr. We Americans believe we have the toughest, biggest, baddest, hottest, coolest, worstest, bestest of anything and everything in the world. Just listen to our Dear Leader - I mean, Comrade. I mean, president!

jeroenhermans | July 19, 2018


I have a 75D delivered November 2017. When I charge to 90% I get 350KM and charging to 100% gives me 390KM.
since then it dropped by about 1 or 2 KM depending on the day.
Actual range I get on 100% is about 300km in the winter and 340 in the summer.

avesraggiana | July 19, 2018

I concur with @jayarr's remark. Our March 2017 build S75D now charges to 244 to 246 miles rated range. Down from 259 miles when brand new.

I've driven the car to as low as 8 rated miles remaining. I've never driven the car from fully charged to as low as that in one charge, but I'm extrapolating that pushing the car at anything over 190 to 200 miles would really get me very, very nervous.

Nexxus | July 23, 2018

Our Sept, 2016 Model S 75D, has averaged 253Wh/mile for over 32K miles. We charge to 80% and get 226 miles per charge still, or 362km. I drive the car 38 miles each way to work over interstate, 4-lane highways, and two lane roads to get there. We've even taken it on trips two states away from where we live and have had no problem maintaining the low level of Wh/mile of usage. However, we only drive it at the posted speed limits or 5 miles over the limit. Either we got a special Model S or others are really dogging it if they're averaging 320Wh/mi or more.

p.c.mcavoy | July 23, 2018

@Nexxus - "Either we got a special Model S or others are really dogging it if they're averaging 320Wh/mi or more."

There are a couple other factors that significantly influence the Wh/mi numbers.

One is vehicle config. I have a June 2016 MS90D with 19" wheels. It's a little heavier than your 75D just due to the larger battery. I'm at 281 Wh/mi and I'm sure the increased weight is a part of that. Additional piece of config is 19 vs 21" tires and P configuration. I've been driving the past week a P90DL service loaner with 21" wheels. Even driving same speeds, duty cycle, I find my average Wh/mi numbers are a good 30-40 Wh/mi higher. How much of that is the less efficient larger rear motor, how much of that is 21" wheels, I can't say. But I've been surprised by just how much higher it has been.

The last is environment, especially cold. Take a few long range trips in the winter in 15-30F ambient temps, or a lot of short 5 mile trips, and you'll see your numbers go up a bunch.

Nexxus | July 23, 2018


Well living in northern Virginia, we see our fair share of cold weather. Not the extremes of Canada or the upper mid-west, but enough to make a difference in the winter to make the Wh/mi greater. We have the 19" wheels and simply love the way our S drives. Also, I was referring to other 75D owners reporting their consumption, not necessarily the 85, 90, or 100D owners.

reed_lewis | July 23, 2018

In the summer, I have no issues driving 200 miles on a charge with my late 2016 75D. In the winter, it is more like 160 miles.

avesraggiana | July 23, 2018

@Nexxus. You’ve got a special Model S75D AND we’re really doggin’ it. 19 inch rims, a weekly 285 mile round trip commute and a lead foot have averaged 322 Wh/mile over 28,000 miles.

I have to say, we seem to be somewhat abusive compared to other Tesla owners. The 75D gets charged to 100% at home at least once a week, and to 100% again, also at least once a week. These days we’re looking at 243 to 246 rated miles at 100% charge in a car that was built in March 2017.

avesraggiana | July 23, 2018

Oh, and we live in very temperate Southern California where the weather report is essentially the same year round - morning clouds giving way to sunny skies by noon.

BruceR61 | July 23, 2018

I have a S75 (not the D) in Southern California. Delivered 3/17. About 35,000 miles so far. A 100% charge is now about 237 miles (down two). A 90% charge which is what I do most days is around 211 miles.

BruceR61 | July 23, 2018

I have a S75 (not the D) in Southern California. Delivered 3/17. About 35,000 miles so far. A 100% charge is now about 237 miles (down two). A 90% charge which is what I do most days is around 211 miles.

Stark | July 23, 2018

I have a S75D delivered June 22 this year. I've got 5500 km on it with an average of 185 Wh/Km so far. I drive ~200km per day round trip for my commute and set AP for 130km/h (but in rush hour I'm all over the place from 0-130 depending on traffic). I charge to 90% which has me leaving with 366km every morning. I've charged to 100% once, and it got to 409km. I'm in Ontario between Niagara Falls and Toronto, so we will see what the winter does to me. So far, the nav estimated range remaining at destination has been spot on. I find it is very pessimistic when I first leave for work or home, but at about the halfway point has it dialed in pretty good. I don't even think about range anymore and haven't been to a gas station since June ;)

Stark | July 23, 2018

oh ya, 19 inch wheels as well. Goodyear Eagle Touring (stock that came with the car).

avesraggiana | July 27, 2018

One more data point to my dad's March 2017 build Model S75D. Starting at 100% charge, driving 143 statute miles, leaving the car alone for three days, then driving it as far as I dared to the nearest most practicable Supercharger station for another 47 statute miles, I arrived with 16 rated miles remaining.

Summing all the driving, I extrapolated that I would have a real world range of 201 miles. Maybe 204 to 205 real world miles considering phantom drain when I let the car sit for three days.

cfishkin01 | July 27, 2018

2017 75D 20K miles. Pickup June 2017, was at a solid 259 mi. @ 100%. Mostly charge to 85%, rare Supercharger use.
Afterfirst winter, 249 mi. now.

SteveChris10sen | July 28, 2018

Picked up my 75D in September 2016. Just over 21K miles on it now. 80% charge each night is 194 miles. I’ve supercharged less than 10 times.

thranx | July 28, 2018

July 2016 75D. At 100% charge, got 257 miles when brand-new. Currently 26,000 miles. Get 254 miles at 100% charge (charge to 96% overnight, then charge final 4% just prior to departure to bring range up to 254 miles). Supercharge maybe once a month, and never to more than 90%.

calleserra | July 27, 2019

Now, this surprised me! S75D delivered September 2018 charges to 273 miles (at 90%). It is a Tesla Service loaner owned by Enterprise and has only 11,100 miles on it. It’s a loaner all it’s life judging by its registration papers. Is this typical with 2018 models?

MJP.75D | July 27, 2019

Another case of ideal vs rated miles.

Daisy the Road ... | July 27, 2019

Regularly charging to 100%??
Of course you are losing range. For battery durability keep regular usage within 80% to 20%. You should have bought the bigger battery.

geo.teepe | July 27, 2019

I have a 75 D, have driven extreme distances
The numbers don't mean all that much, road conditions,weather,and most of all driving speed play huge rolls.
Fully charged 245 miles.I have gotten as little as 123 miles ( wet unpaved road). As much as 330, driving slow no heat no air.

scerbin | October 9, 2019

I have a 2018 MS 75D with 18,000 miles and I consistently get about 246 Miles (196 at 80%). When I picked her up at Tesla in Brooklyn, NY they had the car showing 259 miles at 100%. In my opinion, it was just a fictional number set up by Tesla to prove the 259-mile range and it was not good for the battery. I usually charge to 60% because I don't need a lot of range and I think this is the best long term for battery health. I believe the true range is about 246 for this car (200 in reality) and if you stay under 80% charge it will remain for many years. I would also add that I have used a lot of supercharging (maybe 70/30) and I don't think it makes any difference, at all, in the 20-80 range. This is my opinion based on 18 months and a variety of charging and a lot of reading. I have read what Elon now says about not much difference between 80 and 90; but I don't know what that means. What is not much difference? All the reading I have done says that you damage the pack outside of the 20-80 range. Since I rarely need to go outside of that, it's not an issue for me. I would love to hear my fellow MS 75D colleague's thoughts.

dsteal | October 9, 2019

I have a ‘17 75D. My numbers are almost identical to yours. 196-200 miles at 80%. 246 at 100%. I usually charge to 80% on a daily basis. I don’t need that much most of the time but this way I almost never have to think about it. I doubt charging to 90% daily would make much of a difference.

I also think the 100% charge at 246 is very approximate since I almost never fully charge or fully deplete the battery. And in terms of real world range based on those numbers, well, it depends. Real range uphill in a snowstorm is very different than 65mph on a flat road on a sunny day.

etigro | October 10, 2019

I regularly do Paris-Geneva mostly on Autopilot @ 135Km/h (when I can) and get 200Wh/Km to 220Wh/Km depending on conditions on my S75D (October 2018, 15000 Km on it). This gets me 300 KM of range if I push it (which I do not need given the supercharger stops).
With less highway driving, I probably get 350/360 KM of range

BPSoCal | October 10, 2019

March build 2018 75D in Southern California - 110 mile daily commute. I've averaged 280 wh/mi for on about 30,000 miles - odometer is at 37k. Full charge is 239-242. I usually charge it to 90%. Supercharge infrequently, mostly on road trips.

I think it's funny that people split hairs about 2 miles range, it's all a calculation and depends on your wh/mi. So it's ll relative, don't lose sleep over a few miles either direction.

Charsiubao | October 11, 2019

My decision on the 18/75D (vs paying an extra $10-20K for the 100) based on this math...when I go on long trips (like 500 plus miles) I would want/need to take a break about every 2-3 hours of driving... works out to be about 150-170 miles, while the 75D averages 240-250 range (according to Tesla, 100% @259, which I really have reservations about), I stop at such intervals for supercharging perfectly to my needs. So far, I have 30,000 miles on the car, numerous, I mean numerous, long trips from southern CA to Colorado, Nevada, Utah, WY, Northern CA, longest single trip being 3,100 plus miles, round trip from southern CA to Yellowstone to Northern back to southern CA, not a problem at all, always charge to 90% still showing 221miles at that, so, my opinion is that, a few miles difference on the battery indicator really means nothing, and a little faster/slower when you drive, or going uphill/downhill would easily negate that. Drive, charge and enjoy your car, what is there to worry about?

Virodeath | October 22, 2019

2018 Model S 75D here. It has 19" rims with 20k miles on it and I'm getting 241 miles max charge. This seems like it is getting a bit low for such few miles and only being a 2018...

cfishkin01 | October 22, 2019

Update to 2018 post. 6/17 car, 50K miles, 240 miles at 100% charge. As was said, I'm stopping every 3 hours or so anyway. Drove to Bar Harbor Maine and back from Nyack, NY, plenty of places to charge.

Mi75d | October 22, 2019

I have a 2017 Model S 75d HW2.0 and I’m getting about 244 miles at 100% charge. The car has about 30K miles and I Supercharge all the time.

Frankly, I’m happy to stop every 2-3 hours when traveling to charge.

stuly | October 22, 2019

Got a S75D built Jan 2019. 2500 miles.
Charged to a 100% (from5%) for the first time last night and only got a rated range of 224 miles!?
This seems very low if I read the posts above (259 mi new).
What could be the cause?
Does the car take into account that I have 21" wheels and adjusts the typical range?

gillott3 | October 27, 2019

I just purchased an off lease 2018 75D Enterprise service loaner and I was shocked to see my first charging to 300 miles. Is this a fluke?

Bill_75D | October 27, 2019

Yes. You are set to "Ideal" miles. Change it to rated miles for a closer approximation.

My 75D gets only 232 miles at 100%

Yodrak. | October 27, 2019

"I have a 2018 MS 75D with 18,000 miles and I consistently get about 246 Miles (196 at 80%)."

These are the same numbers I'm getting with my May 2018 S75D, rated range. The car dropped to this level by 10,000 miles on the odometer, then leveled off, still the same at 25,000 miles. But, in the STATS app, while the rated range shows the same as the Tesla app, the estimated range typically shows between 265 and 270. Also, on long trips between superchargers, I'll leave a supercharger with an estimate of 10% remaining when I get to the next, but by mid-way and when I arrive I'm at 25% remaining. So, I'm not concerned that the car is showing a low rated range because I'm actually getting better than rated range.

Has a lot to do with how one drives, I believe. I typically get 250-275 Watt-hours/mile, my wife gets 300-325. She drives faster and more aggressively than I do and it shows.

wanche | December 2, 2019

Got my MS 75D on Dec 2017, mostly using supercharger.

Now is at 69,000 km (~43,000 miles), when charge to 100%, it is at 383 km (~238 miles). Still got 92% battery life remain I suppose.