Windshield washer fluid level low

Windshield washer fluid level low

I just found out the windshield washer fluid is empty on my 2 week old Model 3. Which brand name and what size of windshield washer should I get to top if off?

RichardKJ | August 6, 2018

Was it really low or just a false report. It's a known software problem.

kc4129 | August 6, 2018

I also thought it was a false alarm as the message didn't come up all the time but when I opened the cap I see it was empty with no fluid inside.

ant.innit | August 6, 2018


shadoh | August 6, 2018

So do you actually use your fluid that much, or might you have a leak? or is the tank just small? How does this compare to what you're used to in your old car?

Atoms | August 6, 2018

Check your manual for approved fluid type. It may be you have a leak as mine was full when delivered. 26.3 firmware fixes know bug for break and windshield fluid warnings.

gm_xeon | August 6, 2018

As replacement I suggest a gallon of RainX. Though you may want to flush out any remaining washer fluid to dilute the RainX as little as possible.

jvcesare | August 6, 2018

@gm_xeon Tesla recommends against windshield coatings such as Rain-X

gm_xeon | August 6, 2018

@jvcesare didn't know that, thanks.

Brian B | August 7, 2018

@jvcesare Did they give the reasoning? When i got my car ceramic coated, they did everything, including windshield, windows, and wheels.

JayInJapan | August 7, 2018

Wipers can squeak when windows are coated.

Brian B | August 7, 2018

So that's why it's not a smooth wipe! Mine chatters a little when going back down.

Also, anybody know how to flip the wipers up, as if you're going to clean under them? When i try, it feels like it isn't supposed to, so i stop.

Brian B | August 7, 2018

btw Thanks @JayInJapan

shadoh | August 7, 2018

All y'all need to RTFM. :-) All of this is listed in the owner's manual (not to use RainX, how to service the wipers, etc).

(Page 126 for the wipers, Page 123 [top right] for Rainx)

CharleyBC | August 7, 2018

We had the occasional "fluid low" message until 26.1 software, and haven't seen it since. However, before 26.1, I did assume the message was true, and went to check the level. It's kind of interesting. The fill neck does a quick dog leg off to one side.I could see no fluid, and was going to top it up, then discovered I'd used the last in another car recently. But the odd thing is the tank itself is hidden, so visually one can't tell how full the tank is. It's binary: it's either full all the way up the neck or it's invisible. I'm used to a translucent tank where you can see at a glance what the level is. Not a biggie.

CST | August 7, 2018

No mention of Rain-X in the August addition. Also, note that cleaning the glass below the wiper arms is easiest if you lift the frunk lid.

kc4129 | August 7, 2018

I went ahead and top up the fluid and the windshield washer fluid low message still popping up sometimes. I am on 24.8 firmware, is that the latest one?

gbb0131 | August 8, 2018

I just topped mine off with water after getting the message a couple of times, didn't know it was a bug at the time.

CharleyBC | August 8, 2018

@kc4129, no, 24.8 is not the latest. Indeed, the fix for this bug first showed up in 26.1, if memory serves. So hang in there for the next update.

jjt2122 | August 18, 2018

I just took delivery of my model 3 today, and the washer fluid light is on, they said they topped it off, any suggestions? I used the washer fluid today on the windows and there is fluid in the tank.

Carl Thompson | August 18, 2018


You're actually 2 major revs behind on your firmware. You may want to call the service center to see if your updates are stuck like mine was. They can check and fix remotely so no need to bring the car in.

cafutter | August 19, 2018

It says on page 123 of the manual that @Shadoh provided." Do not wash in direct sunlight" Why is that?

cafutter | August 19, 2018

It says on page 123 of the manual that @Shadoh provided." Do not wash in direct sunlight" Why is that?

maki808 | August 19, 2018

Mine was false alert. I tried filling it up only to find out I topped the fluid within seconds. That's how I knew it was false alarm. BUGS! BUGS!

Robert | January 9, 2019

I can’t imagine RainX Wiper Fluid is going to cause the Windshield any problem or the wipers for that matter. It’s not the actual application for the window just fluid that won’t freeze easily... any thoughts?

Liangcai.he | March 1, 2019

A few days ago, I tried to spray washer fluid the first time ever for my Tesla but I got nothing. Then I opened the cap to check fluid level, but I saw nothing and tank appeared empty. Is this normal for a premium car?

RollTideTesla | March 1, 2019

@Liangcai.he: it's not normal for any car, but it happens.

igor.gasowski | June 9, 2019

So what kind of windshield washer fluid shall I use for my Tesla Model 3? It is inconclusive in the discussion about and I cannot see anything in my manual. I do not need antifreeze - I live in a warm climate. Any suggestions?

Lonestar10_1999 | June 9, 2019

For warm climates just use that blue stuff that’s sold at any auto parts store; usually a dollar a gallon on sale. For colder climates, I use the yellow stuff which won’t freeze unless it’s super cold outside.

There is nothing special or unique about the M3 windshield washer system compared to other cars.

kevin_rf | June 9, 2019

"There is nothing special or unique about the M3 windshield washer system compared to other cars."

Other than it works better in almost every other car on the planet. Someone needs to redesign the sprayers.

dvriggins | November 26, 2019

mine was empty as well on delivery as a brand new car

Magic 8 Ball | November 26, 2019

"mine was empty as well on delivery as a brand new car"

The horror!

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jimglas | November 26, 2019

troll in training?

Pg3ibew | November 26, 2019

Oh the horror. I could see why you would need to resurrect a LONG DEAD thread for this.

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