Ukiah superchargers

Ukiah superchargers

RSusich | August 15, 2018

Just discovered that six of the eight chargers at Ukiah are not reserved for Tesla charging. General parking is allowed for two hours. So if your car shows spots open that is probably not the case. There seems to be very little parking enforcement. We waited 45 minutes for one of the two spots

David N | August 15, 2018

Unfortunately that is the case in some locations. Issues could be w land owner, useage, parking requirements for existing stores and just about anything else could be an obstacle to 100% dedication.
Be fortunate that Tesla was at least able to eak out some kind of deal. Better than no chargers.

jerrykham | August 16, 2018

Thanks for the warning! We will be heading through there and needing a charge in Ukiah later this year. Will have to look into timing so that perhaps we can arrive there when it is unlikely to be ICEd.

blacktape242 | August 16, 2018

thats ukiah for you (that place drives me nuts for personal reasons). Tesla needs to address this.

GHammer | August 16, 2018

That supercharger is in a city owned lot and Tesla was forced to concede the shared parking spaces to get the city council to approve it.

JayInJapan | August 16, 2018

The lot was empty when I drove up during the middle of the day in February. There was one other MS charging when I was ready to go. I’m curious to know what would fill that lot up.

My only gripe about that SC was a lack of obvious restrooms. The public restrooms in the park across the street were chained shut and covered with graffiti.

GHammer | August 16, 2018

@Jay my exact experience on a Sunday last July.

RSusich | August 17, 2018

Thanks for the coments. After we got a spot we went into a store and complained to the owner . She said she would bring it up with her freind who was with the city. We had stopped there before and had no issues so I agree better to have them than not. By the way there were 20 to 30 street spots available with 2 hour parking, yet the six chargers were full and no movement. Seems that they could free them up without any parking issues. Just wanted to let people know that if the car says spots are open, they may not be.

Mike83 | August 18, 2018

Thanks for the update. I haven't visited there for over a year ago. I will avoid that town until they fix it.