When will I see VIN number on my account

When will I see VIN number on my account

Hello everyone,

i have Reserved the car on 03/31/16 and ordered the car on 08/12/18
RWD, Blue color with EAP and 19" wheels

When i called Tesla, they have mentioned me the VIN number of my car. but i cannot see the VIN on my tesla account. when will i be able to see the VIN on my account

this_is_a_test | August 20, 2018

For me, when I talked to the advisor, they told me the day mine was schedule to be finished on the line, and logging into my account on that day, I saw it on my summary page. Also, the Overview status changed from prepare for delivery to VIN, skipping set an appointment step. It's weird, because the advisor and I did set an appointment.

rinku2012 | August 20, 2018

No one called me yet. i can only talk to the tesla customer support which they dont have any information on my car

HughManatee | August 20, 2018

@rinku I received the VIN via phone form my ISA 2 days after my edit button went away (car was built and loaded on to a train at that point). I received the MVPA to sign 10 days before delivery. I received the VIN on the website 7 days before delivery (scheduled this coming Saturday).

afcop2 | August 20, 2018

it depends, being a Texas buyer, mine shows up roughly seven days before delivery. Delivery is scheduled for 8/25 and my VIN showed up yesterday.

rinku2012 | August 20, 2018

i am from Bay area

dwejr99 | August 20, 2018

I pick up car tomorrow. My page still shows rn#. Order summary has VIN.

Firewired | August 20, 2018

Mine still isn't listed and I paid for the car 5 days ago (Texas Buyer). Just waiting for a truck to ship it from the storage lot in California. The VIN had to be listed in the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement in order to pay for the car, so I found out by reading it.

rinku2012 | August 20, 2018

@firewired.. you can call tesla customer service and check with them if they have assigned VIN to your account.
i cannot see the VIn on my account, but at the back end on there systems VIN has been assigned and customer care agent informed me about my VIN

dublinfred | August 20, 2018

wasn't there a trick where you look at the source code to the account page and you can find it? I am like 90% sure I read that somewhere here but there's no good search option

this_is_a_test | August 20, 2018

@dublinfred that trick has been patched and does not work anymore

dublinfred | August 20, 2018

Test- damn. thanks

gm_xeon | August 20, 2018

8/09 - My edit button disappeared.
8/10 - First email from my IDA informing me the vehicle is in transit (VIN assigned but not yet visible on the account).
8/18 - IDA called to schedule a delivery date set for my P3D-.
8/20 - VIN showed up on the account (T minus 7 days to delivery).

Probably varies based on transit time would be my guess.

rinku2012 | August 20, 2018

based on all experiences i think VIN will show up 7 days before delivery. i just need to wait for my Delivery manager to call me

joemar10 | August 20, 2018

My VIN showed up about a week after my car did, after I asked Tesla why it wasn't there.

Sslnight | August 21, 2018

I fully funded my 3 last Thursday and Friday my MVPA showed up including VIN although my account still shows waiting for VIN step and then take delivery step. My delivery is tentatively set up for 9/1.

Rickdamsler | August 21, 2018

My edit button went away five days ago, but customer service doesn’t see a VIN in sight.
However, I was also told 4-weeks ago, “you’ll have your VIN by Friday”. Unicorns do have wings.

arafi | August 21, 2018

I had almost the SA me experience as OP.
Reserved 3/31/16 online
Ordered 6/27/18 AWD
Spoke with ISA around 7/20/18
ISA gave me VIN around 7/27/18
Didn’t see VIN in Tesla account until 8/19/18
Delivery date is 8/27/18

efuseakay | August 21, 2018

this_is_a_test, you can still search for "vin" with the quotes. It's the 4th result down for me. My page still says null.

rinku2012 | August 21, 2018

today i spoke to customer service again. they are surprised that VIN has been assigned ot my accoutn but no delivery manager was assigned. he mentioned me that he is going to send me email to the manager so that some delivery advisor will be assigned to my account shortly

fingers crossed

jdirik | August 21, 2018

My VIN just showed up today, which is on week before scheduled delivery. I may get lucky and take delivery earlier since I learned today the car is on a truck in Amarillo at a truck stop.

JPWhite | October 24, 2018

My VIN just showed up on the account page. 7 days until delivery.

pembleja1 | September 24, 2019


josecarrasco3 | November 18, 2019

I order my on 10/26/2018 no vin # I’m from the Bay Area

WW_spb | November 18, 2019

Lol really 2018?

ran.will | December 5, 2019

The 'Next step' of the process is asking me to provide proof of insurance, registration info...Odd! I have no VIN to complete requests.