The delivery advisor experience

The delivery advisor experience

I'm wondering how others feel about their delivery advisor experience. From my experience, it's been going pretty poorly. I live in Rhode Island so I may have questions that are seen often, but I would expect that the advisors either know what they are talking about or get the right answers. Since I need to vent and get your experiences, here's a few items that have irked me so far:

1. Me: Does Tesla offer home charging install in my area? Advisor: No, we don't have regional installations managers. Me: So I go on their website, see home installation is available in my area and start the process with Tesla's home charging team directly..
2. Over email, I get transferred to a new advisor who handles home delivery (without my asking). He should have reached out 'by the end of the day', but doesn't reach out for over a week until I send a follow up email to the original advisor asking what's happening.
3. The home delivery advisor's first email suggests I don't call him since he's very busy and that I should utilize service center pick up instead (!!!). As I'd prefer service center pickup, I ask him if I can pickup at a Massachusetts service center and he says that I can't since I live in Rhode Island.
4. Me: Is the RI tax included in the car price you have listed n my account. Advisor: Oh, no we have Massachusetts tax listed on your vehicle. Please disregard and we'll update it closer to delivery date.
5. Me: How do you handle registration of the new car with a trade in? Do you register the new car or transfer registration? Advisor: We don't have a license to sell in RI so you need to handle all of that yourself. Me: If you don't have a license to sell, how are you selling me the car? I've read in the news you have license to sell in RI. On the Tesla website, it says registration would be handled by Tesla: The Tesla website even made me fill out the registration details you would use.

I'm waiting to hear back from the advisor on the last point.

Is this experience unique to me or are other's having such a bad time too? Is there some sort of escalation path to follow to have more confidence I'm getting the right answers from the advisor?

Tesla Tony | August 27, 2018

I have emailed mine and haven't heard back in a week..

NKYTA | August 28, 2018

Ours was fine. But 20 miles from Fremont, well... ;-)

mcruzmx02 | November 2, 2018

Lack of response, phone contact is no longer provided. Poor customer service.

rjfklf | November 2, 2018

I can't agree with your comments more. Although I have taken care of the wall connector and installation myself, everything else coincides with your experience. I also live on the east coast (New Hampshire) and am having the same problems getting the paperwork I need to register the car. It seems that Tesla has no problem drafting my bank account for the purchase price 10 days ago but giving me straight answers is another story. The delivery representative for the east coast either lies or doesn't know what's going on; I suspect both. His supervisor will not return my calls and customer service is no help, claiming delivery is a separate department and I need to call them. Half the time they won't return my calls.
Right now, I would never buy another Tesla. The aggravation is not worth it. My last three cars have been Lexus and their employees appreciate and know how to treat a customer. Their cars are great and so is the company. Should have stuck with them.