For 5 years and recently they bend over backwards to help. Don't miss dealerships, oil changes, or gas stations. I enjoy going to Tesla Service but it is rare since the car doesn't have problems. Our M3 is the best. Our MS is so awesome and loves to travel.

Xerogas | September 2, 2018

@Mike83: #metoo

Mike83 | September 2, 2018

All owners I've met are more than pleased by Service. Now the anonymous posts are not verified but seem to be outliers.

lpjakob | September 2, 2018

Mike83, I also agree, Tesla service is the best. After owning Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Audi, and Lincoln vehicles, I can provide real world confirmation that MX 100D purchased last September has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. Minor proactive repair of front sensor and adjustment to left FWD was handled flawlessly by Burbank SC. I am currently waiting for my PM3 to be delivered so that I can return my 2016 MB S550e and never again have ICE issues (S550e was in for repair 17 days in the first two years) or have to work with dealers. I will also purchase Tesla 4-years service contract and extended warranty. Can't wait to be a 100% Tesla household.

AZ_TM3 | September 2, 2018

Completely disagree but to each their own. Glad some are getting OK service.

Mike83 | September 2, 2018

NO. The Service in not just OK. It is 10X better than any other car service. They bend over backwards to help.

jdonovan | September 2, 2018

We haven't much in the way of service on our S and X but when we've had, the Tesla service people are amazing.

Our local mobile tech is really great too though I've only used him once. They all really seem dedicated to the mission.

Mike83 | September 3, 2018

It seems fake owners and/or Tesla haters like to publicize fake issues to demean Tesla. There aren't many but they can AstroTurf. Tesla should keep a record of this. Our M3 is excellent.
Real owners should flag the BS so the forum can become more useful.

Tesla-David | September 3, 2018

I also have had incredibly positive service from Seattle SC. They go out of their way to address every issue, and there is entirely too many negative posts about service. Absolutely not my experience.

jerrykham | September 3, 2018

@Mike - I've only had our MS in for service once now. It was fine. I'd say the best I have had (hardly ever had cars in for service before either). Now web support and phone support? Not so good. Four times now I have used the link on the Tesla site for some account support. Once I got a survey about how they did. Not once did they take any action. Last week my wife and I both called them so that we could get access to each other's car (she has the M3, I have the S) via the phone app. More important now since the 3 uses your phone as the fob. They sent us both an email to which we needed to reply with VIN and account details of who to give access to. We replied right away. It has been just over a week. No action at all.

So far my impression is that the service center does good work and it was definitely a good experience. The other support - so far not very good at all.

Oh, BTW - three of those requests via the web site were to grant me owner privileges here on the forums. Yep, still don't have them.

patswin | September 3, 2018

Always a very positive experience for me at the SC. The most amazing experience was 2 weeks after having half shafts replaced. I was in the parking lot showing my brother in law the model 3s. My service rep saw me and ran out called me by name and asked how everything was with the car. Wanted to make sure it was fixed to my satisfaction and all was good.

Shesmyne2 | September 3, 2018

How many service centers have you been to where the Service Manager comes out, gives you a hug, and shares pix of his new kids?
The service we have received, and believe will continue to receive, has been exemplary.
Since 2012

Still Grinning ;-)

sosmerc | September 4, 2018

I assume that one of these days we will see J.D. Powers survey results for what it is worth. Right or wrong, people do pay attention to their reports.

carlk | September 4, 2018

Some of those high end dealer services treat you like a king only because they want you to spend money like a king would there. The moment you start to ask questions about expensive repairs they want you to do their attitude will change in no time. The best thing for going to Tesla SC is knowing they are sincere and nothing they recommend is for their benefit not mine. | September 4, 2018

@sosmerc - I could be wrong, but I think automakers have to pay JD Powers to be included in their surveys. Makes sense, as the manufacturer likely has to provide owner contact information to JD Powers to have them send a survey to the owner. My guess is Tesla has avoided these costs (which I suspect are substantial). It can be good marketing for a car company as there seems to be so many "awards" that I'd guess it's fairly easy to get one as long as it isn't total crap.

TommyT | September 5, 2018

We live half the year in northwest lower Michigan. As you know Tesla has no service centers in Michigan (auto dealer opposition) so each year we take it in for the annual maintenance before leaving California. This has been our only dealing with Tesla service with one exception. While returning to Traverse City, MI we were driving north on US 131 approaching the Cadillac supercharger. Since I only drive 5 mph over the speed limit I keep an eye on the rear view to see who is about to blow by me. I noticed a white van creeping up and then pacing me. When I took the Cadillac exit it followed, and when I turned into the Meijer's lot where the supercharger is it also followed and parked nearby. I am trying to figure out how I could have offended this guy, but when he got out I saw the Tesla shirt. He was the ranger out of Grand Rapids and just wanted to give me his card in case I ever needed something.

That is service!

jamespompi | September 5, 2018

National service has been super friendly and helpful, but I havent been all that impressed with my local SC. Still havent been contacted about the (small) cosmetic issues via delivery which doesnt really bother me, but I pointed them out and they said it would get fixed. More importantly my SC brushed off a clearly defective coolant circulating pump that at first they said was just normal, but when i sent them a matching audio clip of another forum members same issue and the service record he got for the replacement they then decided to reschedule me to replace it 3 weeks after. No mobile service and no Tesla loaners. They said I could pay something like over 100$ to have my car towed there. I'm super happy with the car, but i'm not just going to brush off me getting way-sided because they're busy.

In prep for a "fake account/ troll" response, i've been on this forum for almost 9 months and yes this is my actual name.

Mike83 | September 5, 2018

Just got a shinny new windshield in our MS from a irreparable rock star. They got it in ONE DAY and it was very reasonable. Got a nice 90D loaner with EAP and had a nice visit in the Sacramento area while on a trip. I have never seen such Good Will and Service is fair and reasonable . Don't worry about ever having to go to a dealership and get ripped off for shit I don't need done. Very rare to ever need service with a Tesla anyway.

Mike83 | October 7, 2018

Still the best Service ever. It is too bad there are no items to buy at the Service Centers like hats, cups, and other Tesla stuff.

Tesla-David | October 8, 2018

I just had our MS serviced to repair inoperable Trunk sensor/latch by Mobile Service Technician. As always the service was incredible and excellent, and I totally concur with @Mike83's assessment.

Madatgascar | October 8, 2018

Where are you guys seeing reports of bad service? I am checking the Model 3 forums pretty often and don’t see much. It’s definitely not like when the S first came out, or when the X came out and so many people were having trouble with the front doors and other gratuitous tech. Given the volume we are seeing, I’m struck by how few posts there are about actual service issues, good OR bad.

Madatgascar | October 8, 2018

I thought I was in the Model 3 forum when I posted that, now I notice it’s the General forum.

All I can say for you Model S and X owners is it’s a good thing Model 3 is proving to be so reliable. Otherwise service would be swamped. We aren’t seeing a huge expansion of Tesla’s service capacity. I looked at the service bays in Burbank a couple of weeks ago - still all S and X.

talels | October 8, 2018

I agree, Tesla service is the best! My MS had couple of tiny scratches on delivery, so the manager had it taken care of within few days, while giving me a nice loaner to drive (not a Tesla unfortunately, but a nice Cadillac). So far I only needed service once, and everybody was amazing, friendly, and helpful, and they even washed my car! I also like the ability to schedule service appointments online (Highland Park, IL).

NKYTA | October 8, 2018

@Mad, that’s because it was designed that way.

nwfan | October 9, 2018

Taking my Model S in for annual 1 year service. So far, haven't needed Tesla Service other than for
minor windshield wiper arm adjustment handled by ranger service. Everything else flawless.

suhrs | October 9, 2018

Service is great, but they have two shortcomings:
1) their communications is horrible -- lost messages, no feedback, etc.
2) their parts system is dreadful. 8 mo to get the hitch that "came with" the car, 6 weeks and counting to get a replacement MS headlamp assy, 4 mo to get replacement fender. . .

briantb555 | October 10, 2018

We had great service at the Eatonville - Orlando Service location. They gave us a UMC since ours was missing at delivery even though I received the car at the Baltimore location.