Chicago Westmont Delivery Delayed

Chicago Westmont Delivery Delayed

I was slated for pickup 9/24, got all my financing stuff done today. I get a call saying im delayed till 9/29. Anyone else from Chi have this issue?

gyarmp | October 12, 2018

Good luck! Dealing with Tesla can be super frustrating but it will all be forgotten after driving the car.

jcjoseph | October 13, 2018

Today, I finally allowed myself to get excited. Yesterday, they called me and said my car was on a truck heading in from Iowa. I had my VIN, MVPA, and a 5:30 pick up scheduled.

And then this morning, the dreaded call. "Mr. Joseph, we regret to inform you ..."

I don't even know what to do or say at this point. Do I ask for additional "consideration"? They've been renting me a car for the last two weeks, they're giving me one year of free supercharges, and one year of free service.

Marcos Sole, the Westmont delivery manager has been relatively helpful.

Would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations you have.

gyarmp | October 15, 2018

@jcjoseph :( that is really awkward from Tesla... My impression was that they try their best, but the whole delivery system is just messed up, coupled with a few new incompetent/inexperienced hires. If that is how you felt, there is not much else to do apart from waiting. An email summarizing your experience to the delivery manager may also be helpful.

jcjoseph | October 15, 2018

Silly me. I waited until noon for the phone call from Tesla rescheduling my delivery for this afternoon. Nothing, nada, zilch heard from Tesla. I called the Delivery Supervisor. He said the car is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I've seen that movie before ... I asked why couldn't you have picked up the phone and told the logistics company to get the car to the showroom today. His response? "I can't do that." Apparently, they can only email the logistics company. Too ridiculous to believe that the client can't call their vendor and demand delivery. I told him if I don't get the car tomorrow, I'm going to the media. Not that my case would be a new story ...

scooby2 | October 17, 2018

Do we have any way of tracking deliveries to Westmont or should I start calling early next week to see where my car is? My delivery advisor (in Vegas BTW) told me my car will be delivered early next week (Monday or Tuesday at the latest). I pushed my delivery appt out to the evening of the 26th hoping it actually arrives sometime next week.

cmg.shs | October 17, 2018


You can call westmont directly and get the information you need. I spoke with someone over there yesterday and they let me know where my car is, how and when it will be making it’s way to Chicago. You should probably call because I was told the car would be there on the 22nd by the delivery advisor, but when I called they said it was delayed until the 25-26th.

jcjoseph | October 17, 2018

My sense, although not confirmed, is Tesla has no control over when the car will make its way from the railyard to the local showroom. My car came into the railyard last Friday (for a Saturday delivery) but it did not arrive at the local showroom until Tuesday night.

I picked it up today, and it is sweeeeeeeet. You may remember the old black and white movies where a couple smoked after having sex. If I was a smoker, I would have easily gone through a pack of cigarettes in the last three hours. I don't know what else to say other than "WOW".

kalagulab | October 19, 2018

I just received a similar story from Westmont. I had delivery scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday 10/20/18) and they told me the car is in a railyard in West Chicago. Transport from the railyard to Tesla Westmont will apparently happen Sunday, though they said this is out of their control. Earliest they were willing to reschedule me was next Tuesday 10/23.

scooby2 | October 19, 2018

I called Westmont and it sounds like my car is at the railyard as well. They wanted to reschedule me for Tuesday but I said Thursday 10/25 is fine. Hopefully its really there. :-)

scooby2 | October 19, 2018

@oarain: Please post if you get your car on Tuesday!

cmg.shs | October 19, 2018

I am assuming my car is now at the rail yard as well, but I am scheduled for next friday the 26th

kalagulab | October 19, 2018

It does make me wonder if all the car carrier trucks in the greater Chicago area are just booked full? Maybe I'm in the wrong business.

gmkellogg | October 20, 2018

@oarin it's why Elon wants to build his own transports. Plenty of opportunity to use then with the Y and Truck coming in the next few years.

kalagulab | October 20, 2018

Good point gmkellogg. I should order myself a car carrier and hire myself out to Tesla Chicago. I'd bet my ROI would be within a few months. If I didn't already have a day job!

Scooby2 what spec is your car? I'll look for it in Westmont on Tuesday (assuming they keep my appointment this time...).

scooby2 | October 21, 2018

@oarain blue exterior w/ black interior, dual motor w/ sport wheels.

Heres to hoping they don't cancel on you.

scooby2 | October 21, 2018

@oarain I need to run by microcenter which is just down the street so I'll check if there are any blue in the lot. Let me know if you want me to look for yours.

kalagulab | October 23, 2018

I missed this! Sorry @scooby2, and so I didn't check the lot for you! But....

Delivery successful! If your car was on the same truck as mine, it'll be there for you. Fingers crossed for ya.

I'll add: staff was not rushed and it wasn't super busy today @ 4 PM. They spent plenty of time with me going over the car. Paperwork was a snap. I had a trade-in and financing, along with a personal check, and it was all super smooth. 5 minutes signing docs. Probably close to 45 minutes going over the car functions with a very kind and thorough advisor. I found a few adhesive smudges on the paint that they fixed within 5 minutes on the spot. Otherwise was in great condition. Great experience.

Hope you all get the same and better! :)

cmg.shs | October 23, 2018

@oarain did you sign your MVPA beforehand? On it, what was the description of your car? Really hoping my delivery is smooth.

kalagulab | October 24, 2018

Hi @cmg.shs - no I signed it all in person. In fact I didn't have any online options to pay (ACH) or sign anything. Shrug. It didn't really matter in the end, at all. Signatures took minutes, and the gentleman who helped me knew the drill cold on what needs signing.

cmg.shs | October 24, 2018

Awesome, I just called Westmont and my car is there waiting to be picked up on Friday. He said it passed the first inspection and they are doing another one today. Fingers crossed.

kalagulab | October 24, 2018

Excited for you @cmg.shs. I'll tell you, when I walked into the delivery center and saw my car sitting there glossed shiny, brand spanking new, it was quite a high. At least it was for me. Felt like a 10-year-old again opening a long-awaited gift. Or like the excitement my kids had when I surprised them with a Nintendo Switch a couple of months ago. It's that kind of fun.

scooby2 | October 25, 2018

Delivery went well and the car looks perfect!

kalagulab | October 25, 2018

Awesome - congrats!

Marionjack | November 1, 2018

Reservation 4/1/2016, configuration 6/28/18, silver, black interior awd.The wait was more than worth it. Today I picked up my Mod 3 at the Westmont, IL showroom.
Everthing was pefect. The people at Westmont were wonderful and took all the time I needed to get comfortable with the car. The car is evrything I hoped for. Thanks for the support of the forum contributors.

dragon_summie | November 6, 2018

yup been there done that!
originally scheduled for Aug 4th
then August 7th then 13th....and finally got car on Aug 17th :)
all due to logistic issue LOL

Daivat | May 21, 2019

Chicago Westmont Location:

The car was initially scheduled for delivery on Saturday (May 10th), I had put the extra time and efforts to get the things ready like down payment, loan, insurance, accessories, and installing charging unit, etc. to make sure the delivery shouldn’t be getting delayed from my end. Now it’s been a week that I have paid for all this; plus, I’m paying for the mortgage and the insurance of a car which I still do not own. it’s been more than two weeks that the delivery date is getting delayed to next day without any clear justification and the reasons. Today, I have been told that the person who was working on my car took a day off and now the date has been delayed again. Everyday new reason.