Version 9 didn’t fix either of my gripes about the media player in my Model X

Version 9 didn’t fix either of my gripes about the media player in my Model X

I was excited to get my version 9 update this morning. There is a lot that I like, some to which I will have to learn to adjust, but some things that left me disappointed.

I still cannot understand how Tesla allows the media player to be inferior to cars that are infinitely less sophisticated and literally decades older than the Model X. I still cannot search music on my iPhone through the car’s touchscreen. I can only control the music on my iPhone via my actual iphone’s screen. This is inconvenient at best and downright dangerous at worst. Secondly, if I am listening to a song on Slacker and I exit my car, when I get back in, the song starts over from the beginning, not from where it left off. It sounds like a minor problem (and I am aware of just how First World a problem it is), but it is really annoying when I am running a bunch of errands and getting in and out of the car repeatedly. But what’s most annoying about it is that my father’s Model S doesn’t behave in the same way. Songs on Slacker in his car start up from where they left off when you leave the car. This makes no sense to me. It must be a software glitch. It should be relatively easy to fix. Like I said, I’m disappointed.

Listen, I love the car. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. I recommend Tesla to everyone who talks to me about my car. This is a minor issue, and pretty much my only gripe about the vehicle. But it is legitimate. 99% or more of people who drive cars listen to media when they drive around. It’s not unfair to expect a car this advanced and this expensive to have a better media player than a Ford Focus.

Rant over. I hope I didn’t piss too many folks off. I’m still looking forward to driving my car to work tomorrow. Just like every other day.

burdogg | October 10, 2018

Yeah - the music starting over from the start on Slacker is dumb. My S and X used to not do that, and then all of a sudden - it happened. My 3 does not do it that way - it starts where you left off.

I am wondering if it has to do with the length of time you own the car - ie, the subscription service is say 1 year of a premium type, and then after that it drops to a more basic and one of those features you lose is it keeping its spot when you leave the car?

Anyone else out there with this? I figure if it used to do it, and currently does with my 3 - then there is more than just a software glitch!

packpike | October 11, 2018

My MX has rarely started a song over (now 1 year old), but my wife’s MS did it consistently from day 1. I think hers has stopped but I’ll have to confirm with her. Doesn’t seem to be time related.

bp | October 11, 2018

As Tesla starts getting more EV competition, that will likely all have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Tesla may soon risk losing customers without better smartphone integration.

Musk indicated this was coming - Version 10?

Vawlkus | October 11, 2018

Talk to Apple about your car not being able to control your music: they refuse to play nice in any car I’ve ever had.

interbay | October 11, 2018

I had two (still have one) VW Touaregs, 2004 and 2011. In both we had (have) an iPod attached to the car via an attachment for this in the glove box. And over those 18 years, I can operate the music on the iPod (search, pause, skip, etc.) via the touchscreen on the dash!

I'm with you MB2 . . . this is a Tesla problem and more than a little disappointing.

interbay | October 11, 2018

Check my math . . . 14 years!

Triggerplz | October 11, 2018

As long as I’m not listening to Silver’s One Hit Wonder station I don’t mind the song starting over

burdogg | October 11, 2018

Oh come on Triggerplz - you know that right as you are getting to the end of "Eye of the Tiger" you get out of your car, shut the door, only to get back in so you can listen to it again...and again...and again - and each time you get out of your car, you yell...yo adrian!!!

Triggerplz | October 11, 2018


Rocky_H | October 11, 2018

Huh. You didn't even mention the one thing that I hate about the media player. When browsing folders on USB, the song ordering is messed up. From version 4 through 7, it was fine, but they broke it in version 8, and they didn't get it fixed in version 9.

If you have ripped CDs and have them in folders, the files would look approximately like this, right?
01 - First song.mp3
02 - Second song.mp3
03 - Third song.mp3
04 - Fourth song.mp3
05 - Fifth song.mp3

It used to go alphabetically by the file names, so it would pick up those numbers at the beginning and play your albums in the correct order. In version 8, they changed it to go by the "Title" field in the ID3 metadata information, so it goes alphabetically just by the song titles. So that will give you:

05 - Fifth song.mp3
01 - First song.mp3
04 - Fourth song.mp3
02 - Second song.mp3
03 - Third song.mp3

It is really frustrating.

MB2 | October 13, 2018

Rocky_H — I’m right there with you in the USB input. I’ve basically given up on the USB. It’s totally user-unfriendly. My main gripe about it is that you can’t easily do playlists. I made a playlist folder and put copies of songs in those folders, but then those song copies show up in the individual artist album folders too so that if you have a song in multiple playlists, then there are that many copies of that song in the album folder. It’s just unweildy.

bp— I will be shocked if Tesla ever supports Apple CarPlay. Tesla and Apple just don’t play well together. There’s something about the two companies that don’t mesh right now. I hope I’m wrong.

I’m just glad that I’m not the only one frustrated by this. But I knew this already knew this because when I mentioned these issues to my local Tesla service guy, he looked it up,and there were literally thousands of similar complaints.

On the plus side, I’ve really gotten into podcasts since I started driving the Model X.

wmyers | October 15, 2018

Two comments: 1) Starting a song over is one thing, but starting a 1-2 hour Podcast over is the worst! 2) The good news is now on v9 you have to choose between the media player and the rear camera (or other app). So now that you can't see the media player anymore, you can enjoy the drive in complete silence. Problem solved by Telsa! :)

Jeff A | October 15, 2018

Indeed, I second the problem with the phone music streaming interface. At the bare minimum, I would be able to select shuffle (to shuffle current play list) or repeat (to repeat a favorite song a few times), but we don't even have that basic functionality.

Johnzal | January 25, 2019

I have not otherwise seen any posts on issues USB playing music. USb/Files have to reload each time car is started. Does not automatically re-start playing--every once in a while it does, but generally remains on USB as source, but doesn't play--have to re engage. Sometimes will inexplicably change source from USB to streaming. Service Center says "no problem". Anyone have other input?

angiee | January 27, 2019

so I would just like to say that I would love to meet the person who prioritizes the backlog for Tesla. I JUST got my update AND it didn't fix any of the bugs. However my car can fart and start a fire now.
Last I checked in standard SDLC, production bugs took priority over enhancements that do not increase basic functionality. Please, can we re-prioritize. I still have the media kick on when I get in the car. Even though I haven't had it on when I exited the car. My auto wipers are still in beta. My MCU has a yellow border and the service at Tesla said they can't replace it because they are about to replace all the MCUs. Someday. Sigh.

avesraggiana | January 27, 2019

@angiee. Amen. I couldn’t care less about the farts, the fireplace, and the games.

avesraggiana | January 27, 2019

A reliable web browser on which I can use Teslawaze would be a very good thing, on the other hand. | January 28, 2019

@Johnzal - The USB rescan appears to only be with MCU2. I've timed it and it is more than twice as fast on MCU2 as the rescan on MCU1. MCU1 doesn't seem to need the rescan except if your reboot or remove/insert the drive. If you have a fast drive AND 500-1000 songs, the scan should be 20-30 seconds, which is not too bad. I have about 8000 songs and it takes a little less than 3 minutes to scan in MCU2. Agree with your issue about not always restarting the music. Perhaps with a faster USB drive and/or fewer songs it may work better on MCU2 cars (I've not tested that). Hopefully it will be fixed or improved.

@angiee - You're mixing so many issues that are not handled by the same teams (nor related to this thread). If they prioritize as you suggest, very little would ever get done as most teams would be sitting idle waiting for another team to complete a task! Ok, if you don't like auto wipers, use the manual mode. It's not like it stops you from driving (P.S. auto wipers have worked well for me about 98% of the time). Yellow border is due to a design problem by LG, the display manufacturer. Until LG supplies a part that doesn't have the issue, seems silly to replace the display with a unit that will have the same yellow fade the same way a few months later (as it has in my replacement display). It doesn't stop the display from working and seems few notice it unless you tell them about it. As for media starting up, there is no off option - there is mute, which auto-unmutes when getting into the car (a feature most, but not all like). If you want the audio to remain off, set the volume to zero.

For me, v9 fixed the most annoying bug introduced back in v7, where when you enter the car, it jumps to a useless phone connect screen rather than staying on the music app screen.

Rocky_H | May 13, 2019

It's time to finally give Tesla credit. They broke USB song ordering in folder view over two years ago in version 8.0, and I've sent them multiple messages asking for them to un-break it, and it seemed like they just didn't care and were never going to fix that.

To my utter surprise, I just got version 2019.12.1.1, and it is FIXED! I have a good bit of joy about this small victory.

Vawlkus | May 14, 2019

? I haven’t had an issue with it in the last two years Rocky_H