Wind noise on driver's side window

Wind noise on driver's side window

I have a wind noise that starts at 55+ mph and it gets worse with higher speeds.

My question is, has anyone had this problem and got it fixed somehow? Either by yourself or by Tesla?

I drove one of Tesla's specialists (engineer?) and he detected the problem on the triangular window. They replaced both my windshield and the small window, but the noise got worse. I'll be taking it to Tesla again in a couple of weeks to fix other issues that are waiting for parts.

I found a similar post on the model S forums, and it seems Tesla is having trouble fixing these kinds of problems.

CharleyBC | October 13, 2018

There is a triangle of black plastic at the front corner of the window, just by where the side mirror attaches. I've heard some folks have found that a bit loose and causing wind noise. Worth checking in your case.

Xerogas | October 13, 2018

@garibaldi: mine was mitigated by them replacing the windshield. There was a slight bump above the driver side.

garibaldi | October 13, 2018

@xerogas Yep, they replaced mine, but it didn't work.

@CharleyBC I see the black triangle. Not sure what to do with it. It doesn't seem loose, but I can move it a bit since it's plastic. Maybe the wind is getting behind it at high speeds and making the noise? I don't feel any air getting inside the car, but maybe when it's below zero I'll notice it.

CharleyBC | October 15, 2018

@garibaldi (official marine fish of California): This is hearsay from some other thread a while ago. But if my memory is right, the triangle was a big loose, so wind was getting behind it, creating turbulence. I don't think it was air actually getting inside--just an aerodynamic imperfection. I believe the Tesla solution was to apply an adhesive and stick it firmly in place.

CharleyBC | October 15, 2018

bit loose. (sheesh)

garibaldi | October 16, 2018

@CharleyBC I think I see the adhesive there. It didn't work in my case :(
But I'll ask them when I take my car there again.

walker_juan | May 14, 2019

I have had the same problem since I bought my model S in September of 2016. It's wind noise and I can feel air coming in when I pass by a big rig, a van or a freeway wall. They tried to fix it 3 or 4 times. I've just about given up. But if someone knows a solution, I'm all ears.

rayroderick2 | May 14, 2019

The wind noise I had on my M3 was the driver-side mirror and cover was not seated correctly. SC re-seated and the noise has gone away.

christian | May 14, 2019

@rayroderick2, what was the sound like? I get a whistling sound that sounds like it's coming from my mirror when it's raining. That can get a little annoying in the Seattle area.

foodking | May 14, 2019

i had a high pitched noise when driving 55+. turned out it was the left repeater. After picking up the car, still heard it but after 75+

christian | May 14, 2019

Yeah, for me it's when going over 50 MPH or so.

kcheng | May 14, 2019

Any spots that seem to be creating wind noise, put painter's tape over it and drive it to test whether that's the problem spot.