Nevada registration

Nevada registration

We live in Reno, Nevada and purchased our Model 3 in Rocklin, California, We were told by Tesla that they would take care of the registration in Nevada and we would get the registration and Nevada plates in the mail. They told us to grant Tesla "power of attorney" (notarized) and a get a Nevada VIN verification (required a visit to Nevada DMV). We did that and sent those documents to Tesla at Fremont as requested. I think this process was so Tesla was technically selling the car in California and could get around having to physically deliver cars to Nevada. It is probably easier for them to have the car sold in California. Our temporary paper permit in the windshield was a California one.

We did not get the registration and plates as promised but got documents that would "allow us to register the car in Nevada." And, they did not send back the VIN verification form so I had to have the car inspected again. At registration, there were more unexpected fees and taxes but Tesla promised some refunds of what we paid in Rocklin. We have not seen any refunds yet. My big concern is that I do not have a title to the car. At Nevada DMV, they told me that since the car was originally sold in California and given a temporary California registration, the title would be a California one.

My question is to Nevada Tesla buyers. Did you go through this process and ever get a refund or a California title?

darrinpappa | February 10, 2020

I find the Tesla customer service lacking. I would like to know the answer as I have the same issue.