Can't Create Posts... Is This the End of the Forums?

Can't Create Posts... Is This the End of the Forums?

So it looks like you can no longer create threads here on the forum. Is it the beginning of the end? Is Tesla sunsetting the forum?

Or is it a prelude to updating or changing the software?

Place your bets here!

Carl Thompson | March 18, 2019

What do you all think?

Resist | March 18, 2019

I Tesla is trying to stop all those Chinese spam posts that were filling pages and pages here.

calvin940 | March 18, 2019

How did you create this thread?

calvin940 | March 18, 2019

ok that was weird. Didn't notice you created in Nov.

Bighorn | March 18, 2019

Excellent question.

lbowroom | March 18, 2019

Perhaps he edited a prior post

Lonestar10_1999 | March 18, 2019

Ironic that only the Korean bots can post, but the true die hard Tasha fans cannot.

Bighorn | March 18, 2019

I guess we all now know who’s on double secret probation.

madkim23 | March 18, 2019

I think you are being punished for your $5k AP/FSD contribution.

Magic 8 Ball | March 18, 2019

dan is trying to double dip is what I think.

calvin940 | March 18, 2019

What's Tasha?

Mike UpNorth | March 18, 2019



jim | March 18, 2019

My bet is that the current situation will change.

lbowroom | March 18, 2019

But what a conclusion to jump to Carl.

dan | March 18, 2019


jjgunn | March 18, 2019


Ross1 | March 18, 2019

Oh dear, it is a problem not being able to start new threads. I am guessing this is why no one wished me a Happy Birthday for 3/17.

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