Tesla Model 3/S/X now $2,000 cheaper. Are you surprised by the drop in price?

Tesla Model 3/S/X now $2,000 cheaper. Are you surprised by the drop in price?

CST | January 2, 2019

No, I predicted it earlier this year since the credit it just the inverse of tax incidence, and I was shouted down by the fan boys. Tesla has been sharing the tax credit with us... Free profit. Look it up it's you don't believe it.

Magic 8 Ball | January 2, 2019

What surprised me it there aren't more threads about this.

dsvick | January 2, 2019

@Magic 8 Ball - "What surprised me it there aren't more threads about this."

Give it time ... And each of them will devolve into "I should get a $2,000 refund because I ordered before the price break"

CST | January 2, 2019

There will be another similar drop in price when the entire credit is phased out, and then we will all be able to admit that those of us who purchased in 2018 actually got a $3,750 credit and Tesla got a $4,000 credit. but I suppose that is good since it helped keep them afloat instead of going bankrupt.

kevin_rf | January 2, 2019

Not shocked one bit....

gballant4570 | January 2, 2019

Its great news. We need to see EV's percentage of new vehicle sales move upward very quickly. In Norway I read it was 30% for 2018.

Stop thinking about your own pocket for a few seconds. Look outward instead of inward. Lots more to see that way.

thedrisin | January 2, 2019

@CST. Tesla got the entire amount. We gave them the $7500 built into the price, then the government reimburses us. The optics just look better than the government giving them the money directly.

niniliu1211 | January 2, 2019

I am still within my 72 hour return period. Can I get a refund?

Magic 8 Ball | January 2, 2019

Of course you can. Just send me $3750 and I will send you $3000 (yes, that is $1000 more than TESLA will give you).

#Nigerian Prince

markday47 | January 2, 2019

@gballant4570, well stated, need to think about the BIG picture and not just ones self.

stevenmaifert | January 2, 2019

A little surprised in that some time ago Elon downplayed the importance of the Federal tax credit for Tesla sales. This would also seem to reinforce the argument that government provided incentives are still a big part of the EV demand equation. No better example of that than Norway.

doctorsmile | January 2, 2019

it's only 1K lower for those that reserved the MR 10/19. I wonder if the next drop will be 3.7K to match the tax credit.

TeslaMarque | January 2, 2019

Not even slightly.

ReD eXiLe ms us | January 2, 2019

CST: There were people saying that Tesla would have to reduce the price of all their vehicles by a full $7,500 after December 31, 2017. I vehemently told those idiots they were WRONG, because they were idiots and Trolls. Yes, I am your Friendly Neighborhood Tesla Certified Apologist Fanboy, of this there is no doubt. As such, I protest the notion that Tesla 'charges too much' for their cars. Mainly because no one offers anything I consider 'better' for the same price or less. The cars others claim are 'better', like the GENESIS G90, hardly sell to anyone. Meanwhile, Tesla's supposed 'overpriced' cars outsell all direct competitors consistently. If this is a passing fad or just posers who want to take part in the latest new trend or even 'pent up demand' being satisfied as Tesla NaySayers preach, I find it interesting that the well paid and fully staffed marketing departments at dozens of traditional automobile manufacturers were unable to spot this trend, which was very obvious to Elon Musk six years ago. Tesla has often had oricing changes over the years. Sometimes lowering prices, sometimes raising them. Either way there are sure to be those that cry 'foul' as a result.

Joho.keith | January 2, 2019

This is the way it was meant to work. The tax incentive allowed TESLA and others to develop cars and achieve manufacturing economies of scale to support a reliable profit. As the tax incentive sunsets, the price is forced downwards.

Coastal Cruiser. | January 2, 2019

Hi ReD. Do you have your car yet??