2016 model x insane to ludicrous how to

2016 model x insane to ludicrous how to

Purchased a model x and I can’t get ludicrous mode I have a p90d is this still available and how do I get it my firmware is 48.12.1 is that the problem???

Rwhmasonry | January 9, 2019

Please advise thanks

mathwhiz | January 9, 2019

No. It wasn't until August 2016 that Tesla introduced the P100D with Ludicrous Mode. Your Model X has Insane Mode. This is not upgradable. You'd have to buy a Model X P100D, which uses both software and hardware to achieve the aforementioned Ludicrous Mode.

inconel | January 9, 2019

Enjoy your insane P90D. Performance is almost the same and when it comes time to change your car in a few years there will be much better offerings than today's P100D.

Passion2Fly | January 9, 2019

The 2016 P90DL has ludicrous mode. If you have the $10k upgrade you can go to the driving page and select: Chill, Sport or Ludicrous. The P90DL gives you 0-60 in 3.2s. Now, the P100D has the Ludicrous Plus! The one that says "No, I want my mommy" or "Yes, bring is on!"... The 0-60 with Ludicrous Plus in under 3 seconds.

Triggerplz | January 10, 2019

I have a 2016 P90D MX With Ludicrous and I got it in May of 2016

mathwhiz | January 10, 2019

OK guys... But, suffice it to say that, if the OP's in-vehicle controls are presenting drive modes of 'Chill, Sport or Insane' and he wants Ludicrous -- then may I suggest that he's SOL anyway. '-)