Model s and Model 3 comparison

Model s and Model 3 comparison

When I did a comparison between MS and M3 it showed me that MS supports around 1500+ configurations and M# only has < 100 configurations. What kind of configuration is this referring to ?


jimglas | January 10, 2019

options on color, interior, battery size and motor configuration

Yodrak. | January 10, 2019

"What kind of configuration is this referring to ?"

??? You tell us - you did the comparison that found the different number of configurations. What things did you compare?

krish727 | January 10, 2019

The comparison tool just says those number 100 and 1500 and does not give any details...hence the question....anyways "jimglas" seem to have answered.... | January 10, 2019

I vaguely remember the configurations statement by Tesla. You determinate the number of configurations by multiplying paint color choices, wheel choices, interior choices (seats, colors, headliner, etc.), roof types, battery sizes, RWD/AWD, and any options like EAP, FSD, coil or air suspension, etc.

There are far fewer configurations for the S today than 1500. Many options are now standard, and quite a few interior combinations have been eliminated. With the S75D being dropped in a few days the MS options drop by another third.

jordanrichard | January 10, 2019

The MS and Model 3 are two different animals. That would be like comparing a C-Class Benz to an S-Class.

Yodrak. | January 10, 2019

"The comparison tool ..."

It would have been helpful if you had stated .this in your original post

io | February 25, 2019

That's pretty interesting when comparing two models of Tesla. | February 26, 2019

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