OEM Center Console

OEM Center Console

I recently purchased a CPO 2016 Model S 90D from Tesla, but wasn't aware that it didn't come with the integrated center console (bad on me for not doing better research). Apparently it came as a standard item for vehicles built after April 2016. It looks like Tesla sells the part online for $1250, and that includes installation at the service center. I've been looking elsewhere (eBay, Amazon, various junkyards), but have had little success in finding an OEM part from a wrecked or otherwise used Model S. Anyone know where I can find one, or has anyone installed one on their own? I'm pretty handy with cars and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty on a little project like this one--I just need to find the right parts first!

jbgregg | January 28, 2019

Try I have one of theirs and it works great at half the price.

EVRider | January 28, 2019

There are lots of aftermarket options out there, though they don't all look as nice as the nice as the Tesla console. The one I used in my previous Model S was the Topfit console insert (, and I really liked it. It was low profile, and could be removed if you needed to temporarily use the yacht floor. I actually thought it was more functional than the integrated console in my new Model S.

I still have the Topfit console but don't need it anymore -- if you want to buy it from me let me know. I paid $100 on Amazon in March 2016. Make me an offer. I'm in southeast FL.

akikiki | January 28, 2019
Bromer90D | January 29, 2019

So I'm gathering that the teslamotorclub forum may be a better place for this kind of stuff. Thanks for the replies!

Rowlie | January 29, 2019

I designed one to be 3D printed which preserves the utility and clean aesthetics of the yacht floor:

I ordered one of the Tesla consoles and when I saw it in person, I decided to make one myself instead. My design puts my phone in a better place at a more comfortable angle than the Tesla console and it gives me a more useful cupholder. When covered with Alcantara to match the dashboard, I think it looks better than the Tesla console, too.

akikiki | January 29, 2019

VERY Cool, Rowlie.

spineeric | January 29, 2019

This console is for the pre refresh Model S.

nicolasdan | March 18, 2019

Hi, if you really want a Model S OEM Center Console, well...I highly recommend you choose the taptes center console. I've got one from them, so I know how nice the taptes center console is.

nothotpocket | March 18, 2019

I like that solution, Rowlie. I actually prefer the non-console after driving around in a loaner 2018 for a while, but do like the extra cup holders. Your solution does just what I want without the extra bulk of the console.

Pelli | March 22, 2019

I didn't buy CCI from taptes cause I don't it for my 2017 Model S, but I do recommend the taptes CCI since my friend purchased one from them, it's the same the Tesla official one, worth to get one from taptes.

EVRider | March 22, 2019

@Pelli: You’ve been replying to every thread about center console options - are you getting a sales commission from TAPTES? :-)

Pelli | March 23, 2019

@EVRider: No, I just want to help more Tesla owners get a nice center console at an acceptable price, and I've purchased some products from them, they work great so far. Nice products always can convince me to let more people know them and purchase them: )

Silver2K | March 23, 2019


Does the top piece slide back when pressed or
must close manually

Zaacccc | October 22, 2019

I'm hesitant, too. It seems taptes console are more like the OEM one. But I do not know much about this company. Can somebody help?

Zaacccc | October 22, 2019

No, I am going to with taptes guys, I found they are cheaper!

Anthony J. Parisio | October 22, 2019

Yeah the Taptes is a very goo easy choice.

BarryQ | October 22, 2019

I bought and installed 2 Taptes consols. They are fine, considering the price difference with OEM. They are not quite as good as the Tesla one (I have one of those too). The only snag - one car had the Yacht Floor installed. That has to be removed before installation of the console. (There is a Youtube video on how to do that). Then after the Yacht Floor is removed the console does not fit correctly. I used the Yacht floor as a template to cut and install a piece of scrap carpet that needs to go down before the console goes in. Hope this helps.

Zaacccc | October 26, 2019

Thanks BarryQ, it really helped a lot. Looking forward to receive mine.

Khan95 | October 26, 2019

Does someone has a better choice expect evannex and taptes? This is becoming frustrating for me.