Model 3 needs SiriusXM

Model 3 needs SiriusXM

I think that not including a SiriusXM app on the model 3 is bizarre. You should have the option, like on all other Tesla’s. Streaming Howard Stern over my phone is the worst first world problem everyday. Add it and make so many of us happy.

WardT | February 2, 2019

I absolutely love the Slacker system in my model 3. I don’t do any streaming though.

CorkChop | February 2, 2019

@spcusick are you aware you can stream the Howard Stern show (same one on XM) from the TuneIn app on your Model 3? Press in the right button on the steering wheel and say, “play Howard Stern’.

@WardT; Slacker is “streaming”.

I have found no issue with streaming SiriusXM, Apple Music, etc. from my phone to my M3. I am actually glad it doesn’t have SiriusXM as I see no value in it anymore.

Mike UpNorth | February 2, 2019


Really?! I can stream Stern through TuneIn?!

....runs to car to try....

JustSaying | February 2, 2019

No , I just tried to.
No Luck
Baba Booey...

Neomaxizoomdweebie | February 2, 2019

Well at least we don’t have to listen to Quivers...

CorkChop | February 2, 2019

Well, I guess you have to have a premium account for it.

planetary | February 2, 2019

Slacker: NO
SiriusXM: NO

Spotify: YES

Where the hell is our Spotify (in the US)??

rdavis | February 2, 2019

On your phone.... you can steam whatever the hell you want.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | February 3, 2019

Son of a bitch... I thought I had just figured out the ultimate workaround for SiriusXM. I regularly stream it on my computer at home (we have the XM All Access in our other car). Now that the web interface in the M3 is a leap ahead of where it was I thought I'd give it a try. No dice. Damn it. Probably doesn't support Java or something. Does anyone know if the web browser will even play audio through the speakers? I haven't tried that one yet.

planetary | February 3, 2019

Phone controls are not good enough. I want native control of Spotify on the car, just like our friends in Europe have.

Seriously: the engineering work is already done. Tesla needs to unblock whatever licensing BS is standing in the way and enable Spotify in the US.

eplaskett | February 3, 2019

I would prefer Spotify but have actually been quite happy with Slacker, and TuneIn is quite good for podcasts, news, sports (I can usually get all my Bucs and Noles games) and foreign radio stations (French, in my case).

I used Sirius in my old car all the time, but I don't miss it at all in the 3. The variety of music was pretty good but the audio quality was simply awful.

TornadoChaser | February 3, 2019

I give this thread a noine point noine. I’m eating black and white cookies and shrimp.

By the way I play my pieces of Steely Dan vinyl through my Sonos.

Shock | February 4, 2019

OP is correct. Everyone knows it needs Sirius. It's been brought up a million times. A disproportionate number of fanboys on these forums pretend otherwise, but there is a reason why every other brand has had sirius for years in their vehicles and continues to make it available.

And yes it needs apple carplay as well.

harsoni | February 4, 2019

Spotify +1

Tuning In | February 4, 2019

To each their own. My last car was a 3 year lease it SiriusXM was free for that entire time. I tried to like it but the quality of sound was terrible. Music so compressed that it sounded like they pulled it through a tin can. Content was terrible. Same songs over and over again, even in genres that spanned centuries. I ended up listening to my own collection that I put on the SD card. Yes free and I still didn’t use it because it’s sucks.

Not to mention the ugly antennas that they’d have to put.

SiriusXM is obsolete. Just like DirecTV, it’s end of life. They haves launched any satellites for a long time. They’ve had formal announcement that neither are going to launch anymore satellites.

Firewired | February 4, 2019

I am coming to the 3 from an S and X, both of which had Sirius on it. The interesting and surprising thing was how much better the sound fidelity the Slacker was compared to Sirius when comparing back to back. When you listened to a song on Sirius and then searched for it and played it on slacker it was obvious, even to me how compressed and lessor fidelity the Sirius was compared to the Slacker. I was really surprised as the slacker is coming over cellular and I would have thought it would be the opposite. I have been a Sirius subscriber for years and once I heard the difference, I very seldom listened to music via Sirius any longer. This wasn't just a car thing as it held true for our 2014, 2016 Model S and 2016 Model X.

SalisburySam | February 4, 2019

Not a fan of SiriusXM, and never extended the free trials offered in my last several vehicles that did offer the service. I do understand this is an issue for those for whom SiriusXM meets a need.

I AM pleased however, that I didn’t have to pay for the additional hardware and sharkfin antenna and whatever licensing is required for something I wouldn’t use.

Given the “it is what it is” situation of a Model 3, those who absolutely need the following would perhaps be better off with a different vehicle:

1- SiriusXM
2- Heated steering wheel
3- Factory spare tire, wheel, jack, wrench
4- Towing ability
5- Ability to be towed
6- Automatic carwash-safe paint
7- Adjustable head restraints
8- Other?

But now let’s discuss what the Model 3 DOES deliver without any of the above: (see the hundreds of threads citing why tens of thousands of owners got, love, and in some case got another Model 3).

jimglas | February 4, 2019

I drive in some areas without cell coverage which makes streaming from my phone useless. I also wish XM was available like in my MX

Neomaxizoomdweebie | February 4, 2019
jimglas | February 4, 2019

@Neo: you should start a new thread with this

Neomaxizoomdweebie | February 4, 2019

Sorry, I should have said I was replying to @SalisburySam, but will do!

hzb | February 4, 2019

for want little it's worth I don't want or need any of these.

1- SiriusXM
2- Heated steering wheel
3- Factory spare tire, wheel, jack, wrench
4- Towing ability
5- Ability to be towed
6- Automatic carwash-safe paint
7- Adjustable head restraints

suddled | February 4, 2019

They didn't want external Antennas, thus no AM or Satellite Radio. I was upset also at first since I love my Howard and a few other Sirius channels. But, I have the app on my phone, and Bluetooth works just fine. It even starts playing automatically once I get into the car. So for me, there is no issue of not having it built in.

rxlawdude | February 4, 2019

"They didn't want external Antennas, thus no AM or Satellite Radio. "

You do realize that the MS had both AM and Satellite Radio, and no external antenna.

That's a (pardon my French) bullshit excuse and not based on any technical rationale.

jjgunn | February 4, 2019

I used Sirius in my old car all the time, but I don't miss it at all in the 3. The variety of music was pretty good but the audio quality was simply awful.
Sounds like your old cars sound system wasn't very "premium"
You haven't heard music until you hear HD Sirius XM radio playing in your premium sound MS or MX. It is some of the best sound quality I've ever heard. Love it being built-in on my Tesla

rxlawdude | February 4, 2019

@jjgun, let us know how well that great sound works in no-cell coverage areas.

Errol_martinez | February 4, 2019

I have Sirius on my 2016 model x was surprised not in model 3. Can’t hit them with the Hein anymore.

terminator9 | February 4, 2019

It does not NEED it - there are also many other features that exist in S, X or other make cars that aren't in M3! It would add much to the cost if they add everything that the average joe is asking for.

jjgunn | February 4, 2019

rxlawdude | February 4, 2019
@jjgun, let us know how well that great sound works in no-cell coverage areas.
It worked amazing through the desert with no cell coverage. (In my MX)

It's satellite radio. Just need an open view to the sky. Doesn't use LTE

This is why OP wants it in his M3.

rxlawdude | February 4, 2019

@jjgunn, my point exactly in advocating for XM. I misread your post to imply XM was not necessary.

slingshot18 | February 6, 2019

I've had XM on all my cars since 2005ish. I thought I'd miss it. I do not. Slacker works much better. I think I'd still probably prefer a streaming service I use at home, such as Amazon Music, Spotify or Pandora. I get that some without cell service would be frustrated. Luckily, I'm not one of those people.

Mike UpNorth | February 7, 2019

For anyone here that cares I did figure out how to listen to Howard Stern. You go to TuneIn and choose Talk, Comedy, and scroll down to 'Stern Nation' (or probably just search for Stern Nation). Its def Howard....Sound quality is shit.....And I have no idea if its live, older shows, etc., because there's no information.

But CorkChop was right....Its there!

tbjr | May 8, 2019

Telling the OP to not use SiriusXM adds no value to the discussion. Streaming SiriusXM via satellite streaming subscription is just not possible without the appropriate antenna and tuner, visible or not. However, the development of a SiriusXM app that streams over LTE via a SiriusXM internet streaming subscription should be very feasible and a justifiable request. Unfortunately, this does not solve poor LTE coverage issues. It does however solve distracted driver issues that may arise when simultaneously driving and interacting with the mobile phone's SiriusXM app while streaming over bluetooth.

rrinn | May 11, 2019

I've had my Model 3 for 6 months and I'm still missing SiriusXM, mainly for one reason: Live Sports. SXM included many channels for live NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA games. I can't get any of them on Tunein. I have resorted to using my phone and connecting to to stream these channels, but it's very difficult (and DANGEROUS) to operate the phone while driving without the integration with the car controls. I'd be very happy if a app was included for streaming along with the Tunein and the others.

lbowroom | May 11, 2019

Dangerous, yeah right

gwolnik | May 11, 2019

For the umpteenth time, I'm replying to one of these Sirius XM threads. All you have to do is call Sirius XM at 1-866-635-5027 and tell them you have a car that does not have it built in and you want to get access. They will send you a free Onyx radio and car conversion kit that you can easily install in your model 3. Just mount the magnetic antenna to the roof frame (I put mine above the right rear door), plug the power cord into the "cigarette lighter" in the center console, set the Onxy radio to FM broadcast and pick an FM station that is not in your area. Tune the model 3 to that station and you are all set!

jjgunn | May 12, 2019

Nice inexpensive install. Where did you put the Sirius/XM radio?

Link a couple pics?

wick | May 12, 2019

@rrinn I agree with you. Fiddling with the phone while driving is not a good idea. I do miss sxm because I listened to the classic radio channel, and some news and talk channels not available anywhere else. I didn’t listen to music that much on satellite. I have heard unreliably that Tesla has some kind exclusive contract with Slacker, which is why they can’t offer sxm over cellular. When that expires perhaps they can. I would also like to get Audible natively rather than through the phone.

gwolnik | May 12, 2019
jjgunn | May 12, 2019

Nice, thanks...I have DBM Paint too

abalsone | May 12, 2019

Sirius is such garbage. The sound quality is awful and it still has commercials! Why would I pay money for streaming radio and still listen to ads, such BS.

gwolnik | May 12, 2019

Channel 6 (Sixties on 6) has no ads and it has live DJ's like Cousin Brucie and Peter Noon who are entertaining to listen to. Other DJs often give historical commentary between the songs, or reference something in the news that day, so it is much more real than just streaming songs. There are many other commercial free stations covering almost every music genre. The stations that do have commercials are talk radio, do you know of any talk radio anywhere without commercials?

mknewman | May 13, 2019

I can pull up the SiriusXM player on my M3 browser but it does not work, none of the buttons are active. Maybe once they transition to Chromium for the browser it will work? Even if the app works, will sound work through the car? Who knows.

I'm a long time XM user with a lifetime subscription. I'd really love to see them do an app.

BTW, the Model S has the actual hardware radio, nicely integrated with the app.

I am ok with using the phone to stream BT to the car but it'd be really nice to have an integrated solution.

markr7 | May 13, 2019

Have you noticed that on Sirius XM, the "DJ" talking is getting as bad as FM radio.... Play one song, then come on and talk, play another song, then talk again.
With all the faults that Slacker may have, I like the fact that it's just music - NO TALKING.

Quinten | May 13, 2019

TesPlayer is using our Model 3 web interface to the website to play Spotify.

mknewman | May 14, 2019

If I was going to do that Quinten I would just use the XM App. Works fine over BT and I can listen to CNN, Lithium, etc.