Supercharging without app?

Supercharging without app?

I recently bought a used model S from a 3rd party dealer, brought it home with temp tags, and I'm still waiting for the permanent tags/registration to arrive. Unfortunately Tesla won't let me link the car to my account until I receive my registration, and therefore I cannot use the Tesla app yet. I am planning a road trip in the next couple weeks with my new Tesla that would require the use of superchargers. Everything I've seen says you pay for supercharger use through the app. Is this the only way to pay or is there a way to input a credit card at a supercharging station to pay? I'm not sure when my registration will arrive allowing me access to my Tesla owner's app and I hope this doesn't delay my trip. | February 3, 2019

Several things here. For older Model S (2016 and older) the Supercharging is free, so no worries there. In 2017 it changed around quite a bit, so you might still have free lifetime Supercharging or it might be limited to 400 KW per year, or could be paid.

Now my guess is it doesn't matter. There are no credit cards at Superchargers - it's all handled behind the senses. If there is a charge, it might go to the prior owner and then switch to you once you've transferred the account.

The safest way to check this all out is to just go to a local Supercharger and connect. If it starts charging, you're good to go for your trip! Good luck and congrats on the car!

jordanrichard | February 3, 2019

Also, the Tesla app has nothing to do with supercharging.

blue adept | February 3, 2019



blue adept | February 4, 2019


Well, you CAN modify the "charge limit" (increase or decrease it for local or long distance driving), but that's it as far as the app's abilities regarding charging.

EVRider | February 4, 2019

But you don’t need the app to change the charge limit, you can do that from the touchscreen.

Jhlarowe | February 4, 2019

Sounds like my trip is still on then! Thanks guys!

EVRider | February 4, 2019

The only thing you’ll miss without the app is getting notifications when supercharging is almost finished or completed. In the unlikely event charging stops prematurely, you won’t get notified about that either.

Sorin S | May 6, 2019

I do have the same problem, I'll have to make a trip after buying my Model 3 from a private owner, but it doesn't have free supercharging. Will I be able to use superchargers, until transfer of ownership?

EVRider | May 6, 2019

@Sorin: Not really the same problem that was being discussed here, but if you supercharge before ownership is transferred to you, the previous owner will see those supercharging fees on their account. I'm guessing they will not be happy about that, so work it out before you take possession of the car.

Do you actually have to use a supercharger to make your trip, or can you manage without it (by charging elsewhere)?

tongelmonte | August 14, 2019

I have the same problem here. I am going to pick up my model 3 this Friday from KS and drive all the back to Houston.. I am trying to ask the dealer to get the credential from the previous owner, so can I do the supercharge on the way back.. I am not sure that the previous owner let me do that.. any other thought is appreciated.

EVRider | August 14, 2019

@tongelmonte: It's unlikely the previous owner will give you their credentials, especially if they still own a Tesla. You don't need the app to supercharge, but until Tesla transfers the vehicle to your account, the previous owner will get billed for any supercharging you do.