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I don't see any option for search in the forums. How do we know if what we want to post has already been said? Does everyone google search the entire forum?
That's crazy. Tesla needs to add a context sensitive search engine in each subtopic built in to the forum UI. You could search with in a Model section, or search within a long thread for example.

lilbean | February 6, 2019

Tesla Motors Club

EVRider | February 6, 2019

See this:

Tesla “should” add a search feature, but they don’t “need” to. If they needed to it would be there already.

bshaffner | March 1, 2019

instructions re valet do not seem to instruct whether the valet gets my card to use or is it fully usable without a card when in valet mode? Also can I control the maximum speed for the valet to operate the vehicle and if so how?

EVRider | March 1, 2019

@bshaffner: Your question has nothing to do with this thread, and it sounds like you're asking about valet mode for Model 3. Post your question in the Model 3 forum and I'll reply there when I see it.