Unlocking charging port without using App

Unlocking charging port without using App

I park underground where there are shared chargers for my building so I use the adapter provided. I have occasionally found the charging cord removed from my vehicle when I return with the adapter remaining. Trying to unlock the port with the app doesn't work as my phone doesn't get Internet reception down there, so I've been looking for a way to unlock the charging port so I can remove the adapter without having to go back up to street level, get internet connection, use the app and go back down.

Any suggestions?

NKYTA | February 19, 2019

Press and hold the rear of the fob for ~5 seconds.

Anthony J. Parisio | February 19, 2019

Use the Touch screen. Press the charge port.

kerryglittle | February 19, 2019

Just press on the port door.

Bighorn | February 19, 2019

He’s got an adapter stuck in the port. The door is already open.

EVRider | February 19, 2019

Like @NKYTA said, you can unlock the port with your key fob, or just unlock the car -- either one will let you remove the adapter.]

akikiki | February 19, 2019

ralphgowen, All these are good ideas. But if you want one more way, you can go over to to the Want to Buy section and post a note. In 2013-14 before the UMC or WC handle would open the charge port, an owner found a small hand held remote that would release/open the charge port door. Its no longer needed, so someone might sell you their. Charge Port Remote.

jbrooks | May 2, 2019

I have same problem on my model 3 in my employer's garage. I don't usually carry the key fob. Unlocking the car does not unlock the adapter from the charge port. By unlocking I mean I open the car door, made possible because of phone bluetooth connectivity. LTE for car and phone are not available in the garage. The only way that seems to work, as described by OP is to drive the car where LTE reception is possible and unlock the port from the app. Tesla, please add unlock charge port feature to the car screen UI!

dougk71 | May 2, 2019

Maybe the car and /or the charge port should remain unlocked at a home garage if selected . The feature could be added to Homelink. I can foresee premature wear on the door handle mechanism since it is activated every time I'm in the garage with the FOB in my pocket. It is true you need the car open and the button pressed on the charging handle as of now. I don't expect anyone would steal my charger inside a locked garage. Just a nice to have if you have a safe garage in a safe neighborhood.

EVRider | May 2, 2019

@jbrooks: You can already unlock the charge port from the Model 3 touchscreen, in fact there's more than one way to do it. See the Charging section of your owner's manual.