Can someone suggest a wireless charging pad for iPhone that can be easily installed.

Can someone suggest a wireless charging pad for iPhone that can be easily installed.

suddled | February 22, 2019

I prefer the Nomad over the V1 Jeda, not sure if they new Jeda is better now.

sun60deep | February 22, 2019

Does this work with the phone cover?

SPeditor | February 22, 2019

Where do you plug in the USB flashdrive for recording when you use this? Seems to take up both connections.

I'm picking my car up tomorrow so I don't know the full layout.

Rymack1 | February 22, 2019

Use a USB splitter. I got one on amazon for a few dollars.

I’ve got a V1 Jeda mat and it’s pretty good. V2 looks much better

thedrisin | February 22, 2019

Taptes. More affordable and looks OEM.

holgerv | February 22, 2019

I use Nomads first version and it works great with a Lifeproof case.

M3NOICE | February 22, 2019

Latest NOMAD charger comes with 2 USB splitters. Works great.

cdiamond | February 22, 2019

I am very happy with the Nomad product

christian | February 22, 2019

I've had both the Jeda and the Nomad. Nomad is far superior. I highly recommend it. Super easy to install and charges my iPhone XS without having to remove the case.

TModel3Owner | February 22, 2019

Not a wireless charger, but this allows you to charge your phone with a case.

suddled | February 22, 2019

For the record both the Jeda and the Nomad would charge my iPhone with a case on it with no issues.

lumberjack | February 22, 2019

I have been using Taptes pad for about 6 weeks with an iPhone X and iPhone Xs Max. It was cheaper than the other options and has worked fine so far.

dgstan | February 22, 2019

How about $5 from Amazon?

AmpHog | February 23, 2019

The new Jeda (V2) is superior to the Nomad and works well with cases. I especially like having the ability to charge the phone horizontally when using Waze. I have no experience with the Taptes or the earlier version of the Jeda.

dbakernc | February 23, 2019

I got the Jeda which has been awesome and is totally seamless.

dbakernc | February 23, 2019

I got the Jeda which has been awesome and is totally seamless.

dbakernc | February 23, 2019

Yes the Jeda works with the phone cover on.

California85D | February 23, 2019

I find it hard to believe the new Jeda is superior to the Nomad in any area other than price based on talking to people who have had both. I have the Nomad and it's great and admit I haven't seen the Jeda in person.

thedrisin | February 23, 2019

Taptes is less than 1/2 the price of the Nomad.

benichols | February 23, 2019

I have no experience with the Jeda v2 but the Nomad is far superior to the Jeda v1. My Jeda warped pretty quickly and would wobble in the console. In addition, the bumpers weren't tall enough and the phone would get flung when taking a tight corner. I have had zero issues with my Nomad and I have a splitter installed for usb teslacam (also no problems). YMMV.

isabellerose3 | March 13, 2019

the amazon link above is NOT the jeda pad. it's a copy from china. nomad and jeda are both great products. the jeda v2 has a thoughtful design with more features and functionalities.

Syed.Hosain | March 13, 2019

I installed the Taptes charger a short while back (least expensive at $49 or so), and it is working great with a Samsung Galaxy 9+ and an iPhone - both in cases (simultaneously when my wife is in the car and puts her iPhone on the charger).

Far more convenient than the cables and connectors!!

Had to get a USB splitter too - recommended by someone here at the Tesla forums - since I needed to use one of the USB ports for a TeslaCam USB drive too.

marksteward0926 | April 16, 2019

I ordered from taptes as well. They have great customer service. This is what I care the most.

lbowroom | April 16, 2019

Taptes is a nice unit, especially for the price, but aren't they direct from China? What's great about the customer service?

mazers | April 17, 2019

Have the Nomad and love it. Looks like OEM.

nwsrgilmore | April 17, 2019

I also have the Nomad and it works perfectly. I had to use a "thinner" case on my iPhone XR in order for the door to close over it, but that was a minor issue and the charger works well.

marksteward0926 | April 23, 2019

@lbowroom they have a warehouse in CA. Received mine the day after I placed the order.

bpatter123 | April 23, 2019

re- dgstan idea. No idea why you all insist on paying so much for something so easy to fix. Mine was $1.99- tape in on the back side of the stock mount- it works just fine with standard iPhone case. It also allows the option of retaining the Lightning connecter for non wireless phones in the family. It works and is easy. look for this on Amazon: SUKEQ Universal Qi Wireless Charger PCBA Circuit Board Coil Wireless Charging Module DIY for Micro USB Cell Phone

bradbomb | April 24, 2019

@bpatter123 I paid more because I originally did the puck idea and it was cumbersome and looked half baked. The Nomad or other chargers look like they are meant to be there. As for still allowing a second lightning or another connection on the other phone, there are many ways to still give them a cable to charge. Not to mention passengers usually like to charge AND use their phone, so resting in the charging stand might still not be useful

Sandman89 | April 24, 2019

I'm surprised no one has tried the official Tesla wireless charging solution. It doubles as a portable powerbank as well and reason priced.

bradbomb | April 24, 2019

@qasim and where will that sit in the car to let the iPhone charge wirelessly uninterrupted??

johntran | April 24, 2019

If I may suggest,

I'm creating a bundle that has both wireless charger and Dashcam recording. I"m trying to get enough support to bring it to the community. I would greatly appreciate your support. The current price is only $66

ODWms | April 24, 2019

Looks promising, John. You have my support.

jagwvu | April 24, 2019

Nomad works great and easy install. A bit pricey.

johntran | April 24, 2019

@ODWms Thank you!

RedPillSucks | April 24, 2019

Those of you using the QI wireless chargers, do you also have a USB stick for the dashcam? How do you do that when the chargers take up both USB slots?

johntran | April 24, 2019

@RedPillSucks You can use a USB splitter cable so one USB port will now become 2 USB port and you can use one of the ports for the dashcam. However, I recommend using the "Micro SD card + card reader" over a USB stick, for reliability.I have a short blog post about it here:

SoCalDriver | April 24, 2019

Thanks Johntran, your info was helpful.
In the meantime, what size Micro Sd card do you recommend?

jonabramson | April 24, 2019

I bought one of these for my car. I had to plug it in the rear USB outlets because it won't charge when it is in the front outlets. The cord is just long enough to put it in the cell phone rest area.

Just_Ted | April 24, 2019

Just received and installed my Nomad. Gorgeous! Elegant! Blends in seamlessly as if it was OEM! Also: came with not one, but TWO USB splitters, and I believe a built in battery (no additional purchase needed) so you can fast charge. Luv it, period.

Just_Ted | April 24, 2019

Oh yeah, iPhone XR with a thick, billfold style leather case. Console will not close with phone case closed, but will close on case with phone case open and on naked iPhone. FWIW

johntran | April 25, 2019

@ SoCalDriver You'll be fine between 64GB or 128GB. A 128GB will last you around a month before it's full and you'll need to delete old footages to make room.

Note that if you don't use Sentry, you'll never need to manually take it out to delete footage because Dashcam will automatically get overwritten.


calpilot7 | April 25, 2019

The Jeda 2 is much nicer than the Nomad. Jeda 2 is made from exact same material as the Tesla pad and charges two phones in portrait or one phone in landscape. Looks so much better than the melted looking Nomad. The Nomad also has annoying charging lights .....

tesla88919 | April 25, 2019

TapTes one works great. In fact, I ordered one on Amazon, they sent me two usb splitter knowing the new update might not work their product. Great company! And the charger works great and looks great.

Syed.Hosain | April 25, 2019

@lbowroom "Taptes is a nice unit, especially for the price, but aren't they direct from China? What's great about the customer service?"

With the recent 2109.8.5 (for me) Tesla release, the wireless chargers became non-working due to some feature change in the USB ports.

When I contacted Taptes, they noted that a work-around for now is to use splitters on both ports and offered to send them to me for free.

That is good customer service!

Syed.Hosain | April 25, 2019

@qasim715 "I'm surprised no one has tried the official Tesla wireless charging solution. It doubles as a portable powerbank as well and reason priced."

The Tesla solution is simply not as clean and OEM-looking as these after-market chargers like the Taptes I have. They are cleanly designed for a good fit for a Model 3!

dgstan | April 25, 2019

I had an old wireless charging stand laying around, so I disassembled it, removed the two charging coils and the electronics. I glued the two coils to the back of the stock rubber mat and charging works great. Much better than my previous solution.

slingshot18 | April 26, 2019

I’m actually getting 5% in 10 minutes now, consistently with the TapTes. Pretty good.

thedrisin | May 9, 2019

I have the Taptes Gen 1 and looks and works geat. The landscape charging option in Gen 2 is nice. Although the new device may be capable of fast charging you will then need to plug into a 12V outlet to have the 9V 1.7A input and 10W output.