Sentry Mode: Right camera footage always corrupted

Sentry Mode: Right camera footage always corrupted

My right camera in sentry mode seems to frequently get corrupted video, or, if it does successfully save, have a video size half that of the front/left with major artifacting.

Anyone else have this issue?

TM3forME | February 26, 2019

I have seen this happen to all 3 of my cameras' footage in Sentry Mode, but usually not all at the same time. The Right and Left seem to have problems more often. Wonder what that's about.

acasano | February 26, 2019

What is the expected drain on the battery if sentry is turned on for 24 hrs.?

adamj1722 | February 26, 2019

Same issue with right cam. Dash cam seems to be ok. Sentry has an error. Will test again tonight.

rxlawdude | February 26, 2019

Hmm, that sounds like a flash drive write rate issue.

m.reid | March 25, 2019

Any update? I have this same problem. Plus my car often glitches out and cannot see the cars next to me or frequently sees "ghost cars".

m.reid | March 25, 2019

Here is a similar image to yours.

leo33 | March 26, 2019

Same problem here both with Sentry Mode and TeslaCam when the car is not moving. When the car is moving, TeslaCam video is perfect for all three cameras. (2019.5.15)

s_wilcox63 | March 26, 2019

I had the same issue with the right camera a few times and switched to a better faster flash drive and have not seen it again. Don't know if it fixed it or if it was a coincidence.

roger.klurfeld | March 26, 2019

I have the same issue using dash cam. I'm on 2019.9..

ybbor | March 26, 2019

Same problem here both with Sentry Mode and TeslaCam when the car is not moving, Repeater cameras almost always corrupt. When the car is moving, TeslaCam video is perfect for all three cameras. (2019.5.15).

Zztops | March 26, 2019

The camera is really a repeater. Which i guess is just a camera connected to a network. Their primary functions are AP, not video recording. I think they are just working double time. I notice it only happening when the vehicle is not moving and it only covers up a body of mass that is taller than the ground (curb, etc.). I think the noise is from the repeaters doing their primary function first.

tesla | April 14, 2019

Same here. 2019.8.5, M3. The left camera video is ALWAYS 0 bytes, the right has a lot of times many artifacts.

Dlevington | April 14, 2019

I can't find a flashdrive that takes a FAT32 format Bestbuy. Where can I find one?

Carl Thompson | April 14, 2019


Any flash drive you'll find at Best Buy can be formatted as FAT32.

Mikael13 | April 14, 2019

Ahhh I found the right topic. Been having consistent corrupt videos on my left repeater, when car is parked even in my garage.

Contacted customer support. They advised me to request firmware upgrade via service center request. However, I was told an update should be pushed out within 1-2 weeks. I sure hope it fixes it. I have 8.3 btw and 64gb Transcend flash drive.

Dennis van der Pool | April 21, 2019

I have the same issue. Front & Left camera always ok, right camera is always corrupted, no matter the mode (driving or sentry mode). Maybe it's a bug in the software or maybe due to write speed of the USB drive? Maybe they have no or a very small buffer of video so that it might drop data? Sometimes a few seconds are ok, maybe because the mpeg compression ratio was high enough for it to be able to write.

I think i'm gonna order an other USB drive that will be faster and let you know if it worked (and which i bought).

wb808 | April 21, 2019

@acasano - “What is the expected drain on the battery if sentry is turned on for 24 hrs.?”

I’ve parked at the airport (not plugged in) for two separate 48-hour periods and have been losing a somewhat consistent 25 miles per day (24hours) using sentry. Quite a lot of juice lost but I’d say worth it to possibly have footage should the car get damaged in any way. Hopefully in the future an update could help reduce the drain sentry causes to something a little more practical.

calvin940 | April 21, 2019

For the most part all my footage was good except for a few files from left or right. Now I had forgotten to pause prior to taking out so I'll do it correctly next go around to see how it goes | April 21, 2019

Often scrambled images are due to the dashcam being unable to write the data quick enough. Normally it is writing 3 720p videos at the same time, but if you save, it has to read and write a number of large files while still recording video. Any drive that doesn't state the speed is dog slow, and most fake and counterfeit drives (which there are a lot) are also too slow to record video. I few weeks ago I wrote up how to pick a drive, how to find out if a drive is a fake drive, and how to format for FAT32 on Windows and a Mac. Most drives you buy over 32 GB are formatted in eFAT, which is NOT compatible. You'll need a third party utility to format it as FAT32.

With the way Sentry mode fills up the drive, I also strongly recommend a 128 GB or larger drive if you plan to use this cool feature. Be prepared to erase or reformat the drive every 4-6 weeks or so (or more often if using a smaller drive).

Dennis van der Pool | April 22, 2019

Ok, i've tried to few things to fix it:
1) Ordered 2 * Samsung USB 3.1 Flash Drive FIT Plus 256GB ( Not received yet, so haven't tried them yet.
2) Wiped disk and partitioned it with a larger FAT32 partition with 64KB block size with MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 11 (

That didn't resolve the issue. I'm now using a SuperSonic Magnum 64GB which would have been fast enough i expected. Will keep you updated on my status.

ybbor | April 22, 2019

@dennisvanderpool it's not speed. I thought the same thing... My original 256gig memory stick could write at 60mb/s. Left repeater camera when parked was always corrupt (either 0 bytes, or half bytes and very messed up - though as soon as the car goes in to drive, all cameras record perfectly)... So I got a new super fast 256 gig memory tick that can write at 380mp/s, and exact same behavior. Must be a firmware bug at the moment. 2019.8.x has been super buggy for me in general.

Mde0509 | April 22, 2019

@ybbor Ok good, saved me money from buying a SanDisk SDCZ880-256G-G46 Extreme PRO 256GB USB 3.1 Solid State Flash Drive to replace the 128gb Samsung fit plus.

ybbor | April 22, 2019

@Mde0509 - that's the exact memory stick I bought

Dennis van der Pool | April 24, 2019

Today whilst driving to work my Model 3 UI froze. No more sounds, display frozen. Also blinkers not working and not making sounds. Got of the freeway as soon as i could and sticked to the right lane. Parked car in a parking lot and rebooted (For those who do not know how: Press brake + 2 steering scrolls wheels and keep pressed until you see Tesla logo is back). All ok again.

Today i watched video again (nothing record on Sentry Mode), but the whole drive of an hour all camera's have worked fine. So it's not a bandwidth issue as driving in traffic even has more data than whilst in Sentry mode,

Maybe the reboot has helped or it's a bug in sentry mode alone. Will keep you updated. This still with my original USB drive (see above).

MilSpec | April 24, 2019

I'm also getting a lot of corrupted files on Sentry Mode, but it's a mixed bag with front/left/right not working. I'm on 2019.8.5 and using a Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB SDXC card (100MS/s), FAT32 and a Rocketek USB 3.0 Card Reader. The card is made for Dashcams.

Carl Thompson | April 25, 2019

Remember the Tesla USB ports operate at only USB 2.0 speed. So it won't matter if your flash drive's maximum throughput is really high because the protocol can't handle it.

The theoretical maximum for USB 2.0 is 480 mbps (60 MB/s) but the real-life maximum with overhead is in the 32 - 40 MB/s range depending on the implementation. So a flash drive that can sustain 100 MB/s won't fare any better than a flash drive that can only sustain 40 MB/s all else being equal.

However as others have said most flash drives are advertised with peak speeds not sustained speeds. So that might be a reason to go with a drive advertised at 60+ MB/s instead of 40 MB/s just to be sure.

Also, flash drives can occasionally have really, really high write latencies... often as high as hundreds of milliseconds. It's possible that could be the real issue. Do people using a quality SSD see the same problem? (I just switched from a flash drive to a quality SSD myself but I'm not home to pull the drive and see if the those artifacts are still there...) | April 25, 2019

@Dennis - On the reboot - no need to pull over - you can safely reboot while driving (although the display goes away for 60 seconds or so). You'll lose audio and HVAC too, but if it's locked up, it may not matter.

Reboot does not affect the driving computer, which is super stable (and no way to reboot it). In 6 years never heard of anyone's driving computer fail or crash on the S/X or 3.

mlwilson.mail | May 4, 2019

Still seeing this issue on my vehicle. Right repeater footage is scrambled while parked on 2019.12.1

ralphfiol | May 4, 2019

I was having the same issue. Suspected it was due to slow write speed of my Samsung USB stick, so I purchased a faster stick. That did this trick! This is the one I now use:

Dennis van der Pool | May 8, 2019

I am also on 2019.12.1.2 and also still have the problem (EU)

Thanks, i just order the same one (512 GB version though). I hope this will resolve the issue. I'll let everybody know here.

s_wilcox63 | May 8, 2019

I noticed something strange. I thought it was always my right camera messing up. Then I parked in the same area facing the opposite direction and the left camera is messing up. The side the cameras have issues with has a chain link fence and there is also a slope going down where there is more activity.

foodking | May 8, 2019

I was told by a technician yesterday at a service center that it's a firmware issue and will be fixed in a future software release

Techy James | May 8, 2019

I did a three day test using Sentry Mode and it averaged 20 Miles per day, but those where sunny day's and I also Cabin Overheat protection on, which meant the AC was keeping temp below 100 in car as well. Also the number of times it's trigger would also play a role so if it's in an High traffic area then it would be likely use more than where I park for work that is a low traffic area.

brian.bonner | May 16, 2019

I'm seeing the same issue. Saw the corruption on the right camera.

Details here:

johnw | May 16, 2019

Most folks have frequent corruption especially with the side 'repeater' cameras. Fingers crossed HW3 fixes this issue eventually.

Sarkado | May 17, 2019

I fixed my corruption by swapping to a 3.1 usb stick. Make sure you get one with decent read/write speeds. If you use a 2.0 or a slow write speed usb stick your data will end up corrupting alot. My new stick has had 0 issues.

Link for usb:

odin.omdal | May 18, 2019

Other people have tested a lot of different speeds. I do not believe in this "switch USB drives". I have tried plenty fast ones, still have the issue. And I see a lot of other people on the internets have that too. I have 2019.8.5, the version that was supposed to have fixed this. I haven't seen anyone said newer versions fixed it. Though there's one report doing a screen reboot + a poweroff/cycle (in the menu) has made it go away for some time.

Dennis van der Pool | June 15, 2019

UPDATE: I'm now on firmware version 2019.20.1 and still have the issue (Tried 3 different fast USB sticks, they all didn't resolve the issue).

Diveboss164 | June 16, 2019

Same issue here. Today the right-repeater-camera had short/corrupt/zero byte files. The video quality on the short recordings varied between good and lousy. The 9 minutes of video from this camera prior to parking was flawless. The issue seem to be when parked. Firmware ver. 2019.20.1 (2019 Model X 100D)

Htiek | June 16, 2019

Does the USB drive automatically rewrite over the footage whenever the USB becomes full? Or do you have to Manually do this?