Model 3 Performance Spoiler fitment issues

Model 3 Performance Spoiler fitment issues

So I was excited that the carbon fiber spoilers were finally getting in after a few months of waiting. However when installed the left side is loose and there is a large 1-2mm gap between the top part of the spoiler and the trunk lid instead of being flush.

I took it to the service center to see if they could fix it. Installer pretty much told me nearly all of them have been bad. He's even dry fit multiple spoilers on the same car and they ALL fit differently. This is hugely disappointing for a part that should have been from the factory. He said he could try to replace it but he wasn't confident at all the replacement would be any better....

There have been numerous stories of the above backing up his statement as well.

Tesla needs to look into the manufacture of these and fix the issue.

howard | August 10, 2019

OntarioJoe | August 10, 2019
I am still waiting for a spoiler. I have over 30K on the car now. Did any of you contact Tesla to get it or did they contact you? I have tried to have the SC help me out but they tell me they don't have any, only Tesla Rangers have them. In the Toronto area...

The wait is pretty frustrating...

Still waiting as well. 1 year now. 3 appointments 3 cancelled due to lack of inventory.

Just 1 big joke on a 75,000 purchase.

Please forgive me for speaking out again.

Jclausing | August 20, 2019

Tech came out today to install mine and told me they have had a lot of problems with fit issues and he wanted me there while we did a dry fit. Sure enough, the left edge did not fit correctly and was raised up higher than the top edge of the trunk. We tried 2 different spoilers that he had and the second one was much worse. He said this is a known issue and was hoping that they will have corrected the problem but had no idea when new units would be available. Needless to say I did not proceed as I could tell I would not be happy. Very frustrating....

howard | August 20, 2019

Jclausing, Good call. Stupid me did not check the fit before he installed. Looks like I am stuck with one of the bad ones for now.

yudansha™ | August 20, 2019

They told me they'll redo mine next week.

nnickusa | August 21, 2019

I have had the car since last Sept and the spoiler was still no where to be seen. Two months ago (9 months after taking the delivery) I made an appointment to fix a sagging panel above the brake pedal. I also asked if they could install the badge and the spoiler if they had those items in stock. They said yes. I was like awesome! However, it has the same issue with a small gap on passenger side like some of you had. The mobile tech did not like it and he came back with a second one 2 weeks later and it also had the same issue. He called his supervisor and his boss said it's a known issue. I was like Oh man! I just have to live that gap for now. I will wait to see how long the 3M glue will hold up the spoiler. I have used 3M automobile tape before and never had any problem. So I guess the spoiler probably won't come out. It's just annoying to see the gap every time I clean the car.

qa_engnr | September 1, 2019

I've read something about the new updated oem spoiler part number which supposedly resolves the fitment issues. The new part # is: 1455166-00-A. Does anyone know if this is true?

Madatgascar | September 2, 2019

I had this issue and called the mobile tech. They came out last week Wednesday (8/25) and replaced the spoiler with a new one, which the tech said was an updated version. Fits like a glove! I can post photos later.

efuseakay | September 2, 2019

Finally got mine installed after more than 11 months of waiting. Mobile tech said it was the “revised” part. I can confirm there are still fitment issues. Mine is lifting up on both left and right sides.

Tesla needs to totally ditch this design and go with a Model S style spoiler.

jfaubl | September 2, 2019

Hmm. The right side is peeling up a bit. It not that noticeable. I'll have to keep an eye on it and if it gets worse I'll have them come out again. The tech did say I have the latest version of spoiler.

Madatgascar | September 2, 2019
jjgunn | September 2, 2019

Nice, Mad....I must've gotten lucky & received the "new" version on the first try!


Lonestar10_1999 | September 2, 2019

I am curious about the purpose of the M3’s spoiler. I know for true race cars they ensure adequate down force on the tires so control is maintained. So form follows function regardless of whether they look sporty.

For the M3 what is the performance benefit of having the spoiler installed versus not?

efuseakay | September 2, 2019

The OEM one really is just for looks IMO. But there are aftermarket ones like the Unplugged Performance and Vorsteiner offerings that claim more efficiency/downforce etc.

Madatgascar | September 2, 2019

The OEM one does substantially reduce the downforce, by over 33%, and reduces the overall drag coefficient slightly.

efuseakay | September 2, 2019

Assuming it actually fits properly. ;)

lbowroom | September 2, 2019

You mean increases downforce

Madatgascar | September 2, 2019

Oh yeah sorry, increases downforce.
Not like I noticed any difference when I got it fixed!

Cuinne | September 3, 2019

On my third; most recently fitted last week. Still not perfect but close enough that I'll live with it until it starts lifting again. Mobile tech fitted several and installed the best one he had. This design is problematic at best.

Thrillion | October 11, 2019

Had to order a new P3D.
Anyone know if they are available at delivery now?

john.l12 | March 27, 2020

Mine shows 1455166-00-A but the 3M tape on the passenger side is not even touching the trunk for about 10” measuring from the tip. Very disappointed on this OEM part.

FISHEV | March 27, 2020

" Very disappointed on this OEM part."

I got one of the carbon fiber ones for $169 and had my detailer put it on as it was after they did the ceramic coating so the wanted to create a spot for it by removing the ceramic. It only glues to upper surface but it is on their solid.

You can just see it in this pic.

lbowroom | March 27, 2020

john, schedule service and they will replace it with a correct fitting one.

yudansha™ | March 27, 2020

They replaced mine. It looked great for a few months; now it is lifting again.

lbowroom | March 27, 2020

Then get it changed again

guydude | March 28, 2020

Tesla installed the spoiler on my LR RWD. Woohoo! No issues on fit. Love the look.