HOV Sticker for Model 3 (Standard Range)????

HOV Sticker for Model 3 (Standard Range)????

Hello Everyone,

I was really excited about the economy versions of the Model 3. I noticed on CA's DMV site it says the Model 3 qualifies for the carpool lane in CA but they specifically mention the Long and Medium range vehicles. There is no mention of the Standard range model. Does this mean the Standard Range does not qualify for the Red Carpool Sticker, or does it mean CA DMV has not yet updated their list of vehicles?



surfpearl | March 5, 2019

I'm sure it's the latter. CA DMV is slow but will get there eventually.

Flanmansd | March 5, 2019

And if you're expecting "red" stickers then you'll be disappointed. This year's color is "purple". :^)

CST | March 5, 2019

Maybe Tesla can lobby the legislature to ban SR cars from the carpool lanes to add benefit to the higher-price buyers...LOL!

rxlawdude | March 5, 2019

@C S T. Worry not. In less than ten years, HOV lanes will be gone. Instead, they will be HOT (TOLL) lanes, and maybe EVs will get a niggardly 15% discount off the posted dynamic tolls, which will in some cases exceed $2/mile.

CST | March 5, 2019

Did you just use the n-word? Lol!!!

kwangroup | April 24, 2019

I wrote, the agency in charge of keeping the list of qualified cars for the HOV sticker. They said that Tesla hasn't submitted the standard range model 3 for approval....Let's get going Tesla...I want my HOV sticker...

JerryGoBlue | May 1, 2019

Will CARB be able to tell the difference between a stand range Model 3 and a mid or long range one? Looking at the HOV decal application form, it doesn’t seem like it. Why don’t you just submit and see what happens? And let us know. ThanIs.

JerryGoBlue | May 20, 2019

Any news from anyone submitting an HOV application for a standard range or standard range+ Model 3?
The CARB website still doesn't list those vehicles.

rmintz | May 23, 2019

Not to worry. I called DMV after I got my Standard Range+ and they said if it's not listed, it didn't qualify. I submitted mine April 1, '19, the check was cashed May 11 and I got my decals May 20.

Sparky | May 23, 2019

It seems illogical to require a Tesla to show a sticker for the HOV lanes. If BEV's are getting the HOV advantage so that we can accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility why not just acknowledge that all Teslas are pure BEV and therefore no additional sticker should be required?

Or is it just a revenue grab for a sticker to ugly up your car?

stephenfootball | May 23, 2019

Not everyone qualifies for the HOV sticker. It doesn't matter that it's a Tesla.

liz27animas | May 23, 2019

@JerryGoBlue: The SR+ is on the carb website. It was put on the list around the end of April I believe. Just double checked :) Submitted my app mid-april so I'm hoping the check gets cashed soon!

JerryGoBlue | May 23, 2019

Thanks Liz. I see the standard range plus but not the standard, though they are the same vehicle.