CCS update / adapter

CCS update / adapter

First , I have to say the supercharger network is awesome, I’ve had the chance to use it on long (~3k mi) trips and there’s not much of an issue. Longer trips up north went well too.
When not on main highways or near a major city (particularly away from home), things get a bit trickier however . I’ve noticed that it’s not rare to have networks supporting DCFC nearby but what’s available to me is a j1772 charge (quite slow and when prepping to head out on long stretches it can add a day easily). Having CCS or CHAdeMO compatibility would be awesome (particularly with muni efforts in most cities targeting as broad a user base as posiible - like NY subsidies for chargers ).
Seeing as the EU version or model 3 is CCS, does anyone know if a retrofit might be possible to handle it in North America ? I’ve read that an adapter can be tricky given the protocol but CCS could be handled onboard , no?

kevin_rf | March 16, 2019

Tin foil, Tesla's is selling 10x as many cars as all the other EV manufactures combined. None of them gave Tesla a dime for the SC network. Why help them fund a network that can help the 10% compete with Tesla. By not having CSS and ChaDemo, they are restricting 90% of the revenue available for the growth of third party networks. So this way, only Tesla has a viable network. No sense funding the competition.

It's a crack pot theory, but it would have a chilling effect on competition if true.

alexftsl | March 16, 2019

Agreed , tsla is definitely ahead by a lot network-wise, as I keep telling friends and family asking about EV options , tsla is at least 5 years ahead. Others are so disorganized I couldn’t imagine travelling long distances relying on them. For what it’s worth , 8k miles post purchase and it’s happened to me a half dozen times that I wished for ccs or chademo fallback - not the norm *but* when in a pinch it sure would be convenient :)

Frank99 | March 16, 2019

I expect that once there are more than a handful of CCS stations, Tesla will ship an adapter to allow a Model 3 to charge at one. Tesla does have a CHAdeMO adapter for the S/X, but for mysterious reasons it doesn't work with the 3.

Frank99 | March 16, 2019

I'm waiting for the first non-Tesla EV to post a Cannonball Run time. That none of them can (or will) shows the state of their fast-charging capabilities and their nationwide charging networks.

tom.mclean | March 28, 2019

I'm also hoping for a Model 3 CCS/Chademo adapter. Given a choice, I'd sooner use a supercharger than CCS/Chademo for the speed difference if nothing else. Unfortunately, there are many places in my next of the woods, Atlantic Canada, which don't have superchargers but do have CCS/Chademo. Charging at Level 2 chargers sure can slow down a road trip!

Andrewdl | April 28, 2019

Tesla needs to release a North America CCS Adapater ASAP | April 28, 2019

@Andrewdl - Yes, there must be at least two DC CCS stations in all of the USA by now (maybe). Ok, plenty of old slow CCS stations around and I can sort of see the value. CSS doesn't appear to be a high priority for Tesla or meet the needs of many owners, but I expect an adapter will show up someday.

F | May 1, 2019

It would meet the needs of anyone owning a Tesla, in particular a 3, in Hawaii. There are no SCs but a decent number of utility fast chargers. Yet Tesla is leaving the 3s intentionally crippled over there.

Iwantmy3 | May 1, 2019

I would jump at the chance to get a CCS adapter even though I have little use for it most of the time. There are places (particularly throughout Canada, that are not served or are poorly served by Tesla SCs but do have CCS charging (including 200kw).

jamespompi | May 1, 2019

Would you still buy it if they priced it at $450 like the chademo?

vswendsen | May 1, 2019

More charging options are always a good thing. While the Electrify America charging stations may not be perfect, having the ability to plug into one of them may be a lot better than waiting in a long line for a supercharger.

drbacon | May 3, 2019

Tesla often touts how forward thinking it is. Here is an opportunity to prove it. I’d love to have a CCS adapter for my Model 3. Come on Tesla!

gianni | May 4, 2019

Come on Tesla ... we need Chademo to work with the Model 3

vswendsen | May 5, 2019

But there are no CHAdeMO chargers in the US faster than 50kw. The EA CCS have 150kw and 350kw so in theory you could charge as fast as if you were at a SC. It would cost a lot more but that might be better than waiting in a line.

jerrykham | May 5, 2019

@jamespompi - yes, at $450 we would buy one. We'd share it (hopefully) between our Model S and Model 3 at first. Honestly it is starting to look like CCS is going to be the VHS to the Tesla connector's Beta. Eventually (will take years of course) there may be more CCS chargers out there than Tesla ones and we'd want to be able to use them.

Jhwjr1 | May 6, 2019

"I'm waiting for the first non-Tesla EV to post a Cannonball Run time. That none of them can (or will) shows the state of their fast-charging capabilities and their nationwide charging networks."

Who cares. It goes plenty fast. I drove from Ann Arbor Michigan to Vancouver, Washington in about 36 hours. Simply drove when I wasn't charging and slept when I was. But I literally know NO ONE who has EVER tried to see how fast they could drive across the country so, if by chance, this is not the ideal car for that, who cares?

Keelandb | May 6, 2019

Does a M3 come with a 14-50 charging adapter. My delivery specialist said that it used to, but may no longer be included.

mknewman | May 6, 2019

Mine did. It's a pig tail in the bag

scubaroost | May 8, 2019

Sitting Ta Walmart in Demming NM and A 4 station Electricfy America CCS that says 150kw. Would be nice to be able to use it.

scubaroost | May 8, 2019

Sitting Ta Walmart in Demming NM and A 4 station Electricfy America CCS that says 150kw. Would be nice to be able to use it.

fgbusteed | June 14, 2019

I'm still patiently waiting for an adapter to be made available for the Model 3 to use CCS in North America. @elonmusk hasn't said anything specifically about it other then vaguely saying the more adapters for other fast chargers will be available.

FISHEV | June 14, 2019

@scubroost and @fgbusteed....all so true.

A couple weeks ago Tesla said the Chademo Model 3 adaptor was ready for sale and then quickly removed the notice.

My hope is that Tesla decided that rather than get involved in obsolete Chademo adaptor they would go directly to CCS adaptors for S,3,X. Since they install CCS adaptor by default in European Tesla's, they have already figured everything out, designing and mfg of a CCS adaptor is trivial. Just give the specs to Tesla's China suppliers and we can have it next week.

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 14, 2019

FISHEV: CCS in Europe is COMPLETELY different from CCS in North America. Different physical connector, different transfer protocol. Even if Tesla has 'figured it all out' for Europe, they may have also figured out that it will be fundamentally different to implement CCS in North America.

This [FUSTERCLUCK] isn't Tesla's fault. Traditional automobile manufacturers are the ones who chose to create different territorial 'standards' for DC Fast Charging via SAE.

Japanese automobile manufacturers developed the CHAdeMO 'standard' with a 100 kW potential transfer speed. It was their U.S. counterparts that specifically chose to limit their North American EVs to only 50 kW maximum DC Fast Charging using CHAdeMO.

Could be Tesla, constantly expanding, updating, improving, upgrading their own Supercharger network, feel that enabling CHAdeMO charging at a relatively lowly 50 kW would yield sorely diminishing returns, when there are rarely more than two CHAdeMO charging spaces at any one site. Even Tesla's own Urban Chargers are more convenient and capable at 72 kW.

reed_lewis | June 14, 2019

It is not an 'us vs them' mentality. Being able to charge my two Tesla cars (S and 3) at CCS and CHAdeMO would be a great thing. Most of them cost money to use, but I should be able to use them if I wish.

I have the CHAdeMO adapter for my S and it works, but would love to have it work with the 3 also.

The Blue Meanie | June 14, 2019

I wonder if instead of making an adapter like the Chademo, it would be cheaper to just change out the charge port and have dual ports like they do in Europe.

That Electrify America seems to be going a little quicker than I thought. Even here in KC they have what appears to be a fast charger that says 350kw, 125kw, and 75kw (if I read it correctly).

FISHEV | June 14, 2019

Now that Tesla is largely monetizing the public charging and the Tesla chargers are well used, are the SC's going from a cost center to a profit center?

EVgo, Chargepoint, Electrify America all think they can make money at it at the same price Tesla charges, $0.28 per kWh. In that case, Tesla would want to keep it audience captive and not build adaptors. Up to public charger industry to provide an adaptor to its customers in this case, the large majority of the EV market in the Tesla owners.

That's OK as long as Tesla keeps up and there's never a wait at an SC.

Tesla can get creative on getting its existing network to support more customers with a sophisticated app that analyzed driving habits and charger usage and suggests good times for charging for each person and spread it out to get maximum utilization out of the chargers. Offering incentives to use offpeak hours.

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 14, 2019

FISHEV commented, "Now that Tesla is largely monetizing the public charging and the Tesla chargers are well used, are the SC's going from a cost center to a profit center?"


No one, anywhere, will become 'The NeXT EXXON!' through fees for electric charging. Six years ago, BL!NK tried to reach that goal and failed miserably. No one has a firm, captive audience when it comes to electricity. People can make their own electricity if they choose. It ain't that hard. There are photovoltaic panels, windmills, waterwheels, and geothermal energy. Electric Utilities may be able to get municipalities to make their services mandatory in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy for a Residence, but there are plenty of Rural homes outside their borders, where people can power their lives by any means they choose without legal retribution or consequence.

Tesla has not neccesarily considered the Supercharger network to be a burden or 'cost center' any more so than their Service Centers have been. Having those facilities has greatly aided in getting and retaining Customers worldwide. The Supercharger Network has been constantly, steadily expanding, updating, improving, upgrading, changing for several years now. Five years ago, there were Worry Warts that were certain there would be a veritable Supercharger Apocalypse with all charging slots filled 24 hours a day everywhere after the 'unwashed masses' bought the Model 3. Despite their handwringing and bellyaching that hasn't happened. No such disaster has occurred. Tesla remains in business, still doesn't advertise, and still doesn't use 'independent franchised dealerships'. All good things in my mind.

Porsche has pledged to do the exact opposite of Tesla regarding charging fees. They have said their network of charging for the Taycan would definitely be a for profit venture. It will be interesting to see if that vehicle is able to make it to Custer MT for 'Sounds of Silence' in coming years. I think that Electrify America locations tend to have only one or few 350 kW chargers at each site. They only guarantee there will be 150 kW charging at each location. I never liked Porsche cars or thought their fans were all that bright. Porsche is already being wholly outsold by Tesla in the U.S. I doubt Porsche has any intention to match Tesla Model S volume production or sales with the Taycan either. They seem to value their exclusivity too much for that.