I can flag posts now

I can flag posts now

Last week I had some issues with the forum as it won't allow me posting more than couple of posts. I raised a request to fix it online. With that I also mentioned that even though I was an owner I was unable to flag posts. I got a response today that it has been fixed.

And I can flag posts now. I sure hope I don't have to but I am ready

jimglas | March 18, 2019

I still don't have superpowers despite owning 2 teslas and multiple requests

jithesh | March 18, 2019

@jimglas.. they gave me this email ID and phone number in their email signature.. maybe try reaching them out on these if you haven't already


RedShift | March 18, 2019

Use your power wisely, young padawan.

SCCRENDO | March 18, 2019

@redshift. Looks like he relishes his new power and wants to use it. Perhaps he can help us with the climate change denier and asian character spam trolls

EVRider | March 18, 2019

With great power comes great responsibility. :-)

Mike83 | March 18, 2019

You can try flagged this pretty bizarre person. I did. I believe he is pretty anti Tesla.

jithesh | March 18, 2019

elders of the tesla forum.. i will use my powers wisely and shall obey the law of tesla community.

SCCRENDO | March 18, 2019

You are wise my son. Never take these powers lightly. But please join us in mass flagging @NOLEK SUM. A known anti-Tesla poster and troll