12v still switched?

12v still switched?

Took delivery of my model 3 yesterday.

LR Dual Motor
18in Aeros

Absolutely loving it!!

My first question is about the 12v. I have a Valentine 1 plugged in (for now until I hardwire) and it doesn’t seem to ever switch off. I’ve walked away and locked the doors and waited a few minutes to come back to the car to find it was still on. I looked thru the window...didn’t get close enough for the car to “see” me. Is the 12v still switched? Is there an easy way to test this? How long should it take for the 12v to turn off? Thanks everyone!

jordanrichard | March 28, 2019

No the 12v doesn’t turn off because it is running the BMS and associated computers. Think about it, if the 12v were to shut off, then your car wouldn’t “see” you when you approached.

tomasrey88 | March 28, 2019

No, the 12V battery doesn't switch off. If you leave your radar detector (valentine 1) plugged in, it will drain the battery faster if you are parked and unplugged. so unplug the radar detector or turn it off (if it has an off switch) before you park it somewhere for a long time without plugging it in. better yet, keep the car plugged in if you're going away for a long time (an out of town trip).

Carl Thompson | March 29, 2019

I don't think the OP was implying that the entire 12V battery or 12V electrical system would be switched off. It's just common in cars that the accessory circuit for things like 12V charge ports and USB ports be switched. In most cars these types of things don't stay on. There are advantages to it and disadvantages, I guess.

gmr6415 | March 29, 2019

There is a switch 12v accessory connection under the drive's side of the dash.

dcverde | January 18, 2020

Unfortunately, in my 2020 neither of the 2 well documented (YouTube) 12v sources are switched. The blue wire (not the twisted blue/white) in the driver side kick panel is now always-on and the previously unused spade socket in the FCLEFT terminal block is occupied with a red wire.

h2ev | January 19, 2020

@dcverde, the 12v circuits don't shut off until the car goes to sleep. I found that out when I hardwired my dual channel dashcams. Yes that means whenever the car wakes up (when the car starts charging, when you open a door, or just opening your Tesla app) my dashcam will be recording. Nothing I can do about it short of unplugging the dashcam each time I exit the car or hardwiring a physical switch. It's good and bad for a dashcam. Good that it serves as a parking mode while I'm out in that it continues to record for a few minutes until the car sleeps. Bad that it'll record hours of blank, wiping out potential important footage, when the car wakes up and start charging when it's on a charge schedule.

dcverde | January 20, 2020

h2ev - thanks. It's a bit tricky to get the car into sleep mode but when done the 12v shuts off. To get into sleep I first locked it with the app, then turned the app off but the 12v outlet stayed on. I then realized that although the charging cord was not connected, charging was scheduled and it appears the schedule "on" feature kept the car awake. I tuned it off, the car went to sleep and the 12 v shut off. Since I and I suspect many leave schedule charging "on", these cars will never sleep and the 12 v will stay one.

Varricks | January 23, 2020

Jeeze, do Valentines do anything anymore? It was one thing when radar would scatter and give you a chance, but LIDAR doesn't bleed much.