New York License Plate Question

New York License Plate Question

I know this is kind of off topic to Tesla, but i have seen so many cars driving around without front license plates in New York state. Is the front license plate really a requirement for New York vehicles? I've heard that you could get a ticket or something for not having them on, but the fact that so many people dont have font license plates that i've seen leads me to believe that this is not an enforced policy.

Can any New Yorkers attest to this?

reed_lewis | April 8, 2019

New York requires a front plate. Just because people do not get tickets for not having one does not make it legal. Any cop could write you a ticket for no front plate if they want to be a PITA.

I have never understood the concern about having a front plate. I am required to have one in Mass, and when I am in the car, I do not see it.

The car drives exactly the same with and without one.

Yodrak. | April 9, 2019

" ... when I am in the car, I do not see [the front license plate].
The car drives exactly the same with and without one."

The same could be said about the rear license plate. Just an observation :-)

andy.connor.e | April 9, 2019

Ya i dont really care, but it kind of ruins the aesthetics of the front of the Model 3 and/or Y.

Yodrak. | April 9, 2019

" ... [the front license plate] kind of ruins the aesthetics ... "

Agree. My state requires front plates but I notice that some Ss and most 3s do not have one and it's apparently of no concern to law enforcement. Give a cop a hard time at a traffic stop, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if the cop adds a ticket for the missing front plate to the ticket that was the reason for the stop.

While we're on the subject of license plates, I wonder how the people who put a grey plastic cover over the rear plate, making it virtually unreadable, get away with it.

andy.connor.e | April 9, 2019

I've seen a few Model 3's without a front license plate here in the capital district. I'd have to imagine that if people are getting tickets, they wouldnt drive around without it. Must not be enforced, but for the reasons you mentioned, dont talk back to the cops.

syclone | April 10, 2019

Just park in any area of New York that has Parking Enforcement and you will find out really quickly that New York requires a front plate. Manhattan and East Hampton cops will get you for sure.

andy.connor.e | April 10, 2019

I live in the capital district, so the level of enforcement is probably different.

DanFoster1 | April 11, 2019

I’m from Upstate New York too. When I was in college, a New Jersey cop pulled me over, handcuffed me outside the car, interrogated me abusively, and arrested me for stealing my own car. He let me go when his counterparts in New York confirmed it was my car. Reason? My front plate had fallen off; it was inside the car until I could find time to mount it again. So that’s a ‘fun’ memory. My advise: don’t risk it.

dfjoaquin | April 12, 2019

Jumping in on the subject of license plates...I took delivery of my Model 3 in December 31, 2018 and I still do not have my California license plates. I am told that the Tesla records show that it had been mailed to my addresss. I am unable to navigate the Tesla phone system to get somebody to tell me what I should do now.
Need some help...

andy.connor.e | April 12, 2019

Would really not like to siphon the topic off topic. Please try to search Model 3 forums for this.

dionisio944 | April 14, 2019

NYS is a 2 plate state period! That's the law.

If you have only 1 plate because you don't like the aesthetic look on your car, do so... but your taking your chance on getting pulled over and ticketed, or ticketed while parked, or towed if they feel like making you an example.. Coming from Florida, I myself am not a fan of the 2 plates but I also am not a fan of wasting my time with police, courts, and other ticketing agencies. So I just comply and go about my merry way.
Good luck to you all!

andy.connor.e | April 15, 2019

No idea how so many people get away with it.

hscdamesek | April 21, 2019

Going off subject just a little - are there any Florida residents with a 2019 model 3 using the Florida Sun Pass?

If so, is it front mounted or can the interior portable suction cup transponder be used?

andy.connor.e | April 24, 2019

Cant tell you how many Model 3 forum topics have covered this.