(Resurrected) Music via my phone's "USB"

(Resurrected) Music via my phone's "USB"

Just contacted support for this request

* Ability to play music from my phone's "USB" port (USB-C or thunderbolt etc) connected to Tesla's USB

* I can use my own app - spotify or pandora or google/apple music. We have a life built around these apps - playlists etc that we can't just "import" or recreate.
* I can control my own bitrate, and not rely on Slacker's intermittent lower quality audio (I suspect it's throttled in "urban/dense" areas to ease the stress). The same song on my "favorites" radio sounds arguably different the next time.
* I can take advantage of the premium speakers that come with the car!
* Tesla can save some money on data plans
* Concept of downloading songs on to a USB (which more often is a byproduct of piracy) is so OLD that it's ironic it's still on Tesla. And streaming encourages some revenue to the artists too!

So, if you like this, please reach out to Tesla support and ask them for this. Thanks!

vishious911 | April 8, 2019

Oh, please don't say Bluetooth, unless you're someone who watches 480p videos on a high def TV. :P

hokiegir1 | April 8, 2019

Just pointing out that I did export/import my Pandora playlists/likes to Slacker. I used Soundiiz to do it.

vishious911 | April 8, 2019

Interesting! Just a few qq.

A) I suspect Slacker doesn't stay in sync with the changes you make to Pandora? (Does one have to keep reimporting every so often)?
B) Is your slacker free?
C) Is Soundiz free?

Note to self: I have to check if Slacker can talk to other apps, not just Pandora

rdavis | April 8, 2019

I don't think Bluetooth audio quality is the issue with a car full of glass walls... just saying.

rdavis | April 8, 2019

and depending on your distance from the TV and the TV size.... resolution becomes not very important...

MariaCoplan | June 7, 2019

Have you ever tried importing/exporting music from any/one platform to another or vice versa using It is very fast and easy.