Leaving car on charge over vacation period

Leaving car on charge over vacation period

is it Ok to leave a Tesla plugged in over a prolonged holiday period say 2 weeks?

David N | April 8, 2019

Yes. A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla.

DanFoster1 | April 9, 2019

Set charge limit to 50% for long term storage.

Tesla-David | April 9, 2019

Yes, we just got back from 12 day Hawaii trip, and both our Tesla's were plugged in and happy! ;0)

barrycrawley22 | April 9, 2019

thanks all for responses

andy.connor.e | April 9, 2019

+1 on 50% charging limit for long term storage.

MitchP85D | April 9, 2019

Thanks for the 50% tip Dan. I will do that for now on. I've always done 90%.

Mike83 | April 10, 2019

We use 70% so we have lots of miles when we get back from a trip and I believe that is optimal from my past research but it could change dependent on the battery chemical compositions.
@Tesla-David Nice time to visit the Islands. I read that Hawaii is advancing rapidly on shutting all coal plants and going solar/batteries for peak power. They will soon be 100% alternative as well as California and New Mexico along with the rest of the world.

Tesla-David | April 10, 2019

We also limit our charging to 70% for both cars unless we are headed out on a trip, then we charge up to 90%.