Plate mounted transponder stolen? (IL)

Plate mounted transponder stolen? (IL)

My front plate and its iPass transponder have disappeared. I've never once had a plate fall off a car (usually they rust on) and the plate has been removed cleanly. I only noticed it because my X looked so much better. Seems a weird thing to steal because if you try to use it, the Toll Authority now has a picture of your back plate (not stolen) associated with the stolen transponder. Has anybody else seen this? Has anybody had a front plate fall off?

mathwhiz | April 12, 2019

They wanted your plate.

jimglas | April 12, 2019

probably wanted your transponder. Now you can pay for somebody else road fees.

mathwhiz | April 13, 2019

I doubt it... Jacking plates is extremely common. It's like the same purpose as a burn phone - a quick point-to-point ID shade. And all points that read a transponder do plate imaging anyway.