NY Annual Safety Inspection - Looking for a Place to have it done, Help!

NY Annual Safety Inspection - Looking for a Place to have it done, Help!

I checked around in Suffolk county and no one wants to touch the car. I attempted to make an appointment to have the annual safety inspection done at the Long Island Syosset Service Center. They called after I scheduled my appointment and informed me Tesla does not provide this service and to have it done at a local repair shop. I asked the service adviser to email me contact information for any local shop that can perform this service. That was a few days ago, I have not received any email. Any recommendations?

RedPillSucks | April 12, 2019

That doesn't make any sense. If you're talking about a NY state inspection, anyone should be able to do it.
Did they explain why they can't do it? If you're worried about jacking the car at the right points, you can supply the jack pads, or look for a place that has a pit, rather than a jack. I'm actually not sure what they would need to jack the car up for, anyway.

derotam | April 12, 2019

@RedPillSucks, gotta remove a wheel to check the brakes.

M3phan | April 13, 2019

Is this NY only or do none of the SCs fo annual inspections?

texxx | April 13, 2019

Many years ago when I lived in Huntington Station I used to take my Infiniti Q45 to Great Bear Auto. Looks like Rich and Dave still run the place, and I'd trust them with any of my cars. Real stand-up guys, they don't screw their customers, and they stand behind their work.

ialsoagree | April 13, 2019

Tesla does not perform NYS inspections for one reason: all certified inspection locations are required to inspect any vehicle that requests an inspection (although commercial trucks and I think motorcycles have a separate certification).

Take your Tesla to any certified inspection location. They cannot, by law, turn you away or they risk losing their cert.

Mediumed | April 13, 2019

There is no more emission testing so the Model 3 should need the same exact inspection as any other car. You can file a complaint with this form

I found 772 inspection stations in Suffolk that are listed as Electric vehicle inspection stations using this form.

MoonDog | April 14, 2019

@Mediumed, great links. Thank you!

kdobstaff | May 20, 2019

MoonDog – any luck with the place to get the car inspected? I am in the same boat with my model three on Long Island

have called three different places and no one wants to touch the car (Including the Mavis in Hicksville by the Broadway mall)

I don’t want to just take the car any place… Would prefer to find someone who is doing Teslas regularly… There has to be somebody, there are thousands of teslas on Long Island at this point

MoonDog | May 20, 2019

@kdobstaff, I actually have had the car for just about 2 months so still a ways away from needing to do the safety inspection and have not called anywhere to check yet. I was curious about that and thought the link that Mediumed posted had some relevant information.


Lonestar10_1999 | May 20, 2019

You might want to contact your local Nissan dealership. They are experienced with EV and are authorized to perform state inspections. Here in PA, Tesla is not certified to perform state inspections, just like NY. I went to my local Toyota dealership and they were literally giddy over the opportunity to check out my brand new M3. Hopefully Nissan will be just as welcoming to you as Toyota was to me.

If you can’t get satisfaction from Nissan, maybe reach out to a local authorized body shop. The body shop may be able to perform state inspections.

Fuzzball | May 22, 2019

I had started a similar thread. I took my M3 to Precision Auto in LIC. It was painless and was very happy the guys were really comfortable with Teslas

NZala | August 2, 2019

I was also searching for the place to inspect in Suffolk county. Following place is great to do inspection. They know how to treat electric vehicle, specially Tesla. They will not lift the car normally and if required they have a post lift machine which does not required arms to lift the vehicle. This is a great news as most Tesla owner worried about battery damage while lifting.


drbob | August 2, 2019

Annual inspections on today's modern vehicles is ridiculous. May have made sense pre-2000!

Delaware allows for NO inspections for 7 years on new cars and then I think every 2 years. Plus, the inspections are free when you do need them.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | August 3, 2019

Inspections are necessary because not everyone keeps a close eye on their cars like most of the people on this forum. How many cars have you seen stopped on the side of the road with flats from driving on baloney skins, or I'll bet everyone has seen a rear windshield wiper with no wiper blade left. A lot of people drive with their cars making an awful racket, but they just live with it and crank up the radio to cover it up.
Inspections are a necessary evil.
@Mediumed: thanks for that link. I hadn't given much thought about where to bring my M3 for inspection next June.

Lonestar10_1999 | August 3, 2019

It would be great if Tesla offered to get the car inspected as a paid service for the convenience of the customer. I would have gladly took delivery in the morning at the SC and not taken the car. Then I would have returned to the SC in the afternoon to pick up my new and fully inspected vehicle and drive off into the sunset.

Of course this same service could be offered for re-inspections for customers who will only trust their vehicles to Tesla.

This seems like a win-win-win; for the customer, for Tesla, and for the local mechanic offering the state inspection service.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | August 3, 2019

My car came with the inspection sticker. I wonder who the dealer used. Manhasset is about 45 miles from me, so I don't think I'll be using their guy.