Has the nag interval lengthened?

Has the nag interval lengthened?

Perhaps it is just my imagination, or wishful thinking, but it seems that the nag interval is slightly longer after upgrading to 19.12. Model X 100, 2018

jimglas | April 15, 2019

you are probably just getting better at avoiding the nags?

Uncle Paul | April 15, 2019

Was just thinking the same thing. Seems like the nags are further apart.

SCCRENDO | April 15, 2019

Nags are slightly worse in the latest update for lane changes. You can no longer just turn a scroll wheel and just holding the steering is not good enough. You need to apply a slight turn of the steering otherwise it will not change lane. There is always a risk of turning too much and getting kicked out of autopilot. I drove to Mammoth and back this weekend. The recommended lane changes are excessive and often inappropriate. On many occasions I cancelled it..

SCCRENDO | April 15, 2019

Btw I have a Model 3 update 2019.8.5

EVRider | April 15, 2019

@SCCRENDO: The lane change confirmation nag for Navigate on Autopilot is probably different from the regular nag -- I think in the NoA case they want to make sure you're actually holding the wheel before the car changes lanes.

It's possible the regular interval increased with 2019.12, but I haven't driven my Model S much since the update. Our Model 3 (which is on 2019.8.5) seems to nag less than the Model S.