Transition Car

Transition Car

Thought it might be interesting to see what your car was before you started driving the model 3.

I was in a Mini Cooper S convertible.

I really liked my Mini, but there is no comparison for comfort, speed, tech and just pure elegance...I love my model 3 (currently in the shop for some body work, another story)

jack.hodges | April 17, 2019

2013 Prius 5. The Prius is a great car, but Model 3 is on a totally different level.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | April 17, 2019
Kary993 | April 17, 2019

2016 BMW i3 ReX, not a good car on any level......though very cheap to lease at that time, but not now.

JarvisM3 | April 17, 2019

I had an 09 Prius that was an awesome car and it really made me interested in Tesla. That died after 280k miles and I bought a 2015 Altima. I really liked the car but the Model 3 is what got now. No going back!

ajbutler45 | April 17, 2019

@Kary993 What didn't you like about the i3? Strange car but I have always liked the car. Expensive for it's features but the used ones are pretty inexpensive. But thank you I just will keep my Model 3

geam15 | April 17, 2019

2014 Ram 1500 and a 2012 Jeep Wrangler lifted on 35s before that. Big change but excited for it.

lordmiller | April 17, 2019

My friend just bought a used I3, what a piece of crap. When I got my M3 Dual Motor and blew his mind he was pissed. I went from a Grand Cherokee Limited. Nice car but this Tesla is unbelievably awesome. I can't ever be an Icehole ever again. Wait till Carl gets on here and starts blabbing about his M3 that doesn't work properly. Wait for it........

Kary993 | April 17, 2019

@ajbutler45 - Somewhat a long story but here is a short list:
1. BMW service is as bad as Tesla but actually worse because BMW service people are not nice.
2. No over the air updates so they keep wanting you to bring the car in and it takes on average 2 to 3 days to update. For no apparent benefit to the owner.
3. Tires have one brand offering, no selection.
4. Rear tires have fixed camber and wear out evening from inside to outside on both sides. BMW refuses to deal with it because it is not adjustable, 3000 to 5000 miles max on rear tires. (it is rear wheel drive)
5. When you hit a bump in road and happen to be in regenerative braking, to releases and the car just shoots forward unexpectedly. Not fun.
6. When entering a parking lot drive that is uneven the drive train will cut out and clunk back again unexpectedly.
7. Don't put your briefcase on the passenger seat otherwise you will need to buckle the seatbelt to stop the seatbelt alarm for passenger seat.
8 Suicide doors, entirely dysfunctional because the lower portion juts out and when parked next to other cars you just open the suicide door right into you shins Ooouch!!!
9. The range was 80 miles....enough said there, though Rex added another 60 but not nearly as efficient.
10. ReX cannot be driven on freeway like battery, ReX generator cannot keep up with power demand, Have to slow down.
11. BMW nav system are horrible....nothing like Tesla voice commands!
12. Had super fast charging capability but on a few around a some but not all dealerships.
13. Forced to really charge at home or level 2 while out.
14. Cannot go on any longer trips unless you want to drive with ReX the whole time.
15. There is more but I am going to go and eat lunch now and forget about the i3.......LoL

Aneurysm | April 17, 2019

280k+ miles 1998 Honda Civic

jlimiero | April 17, 2019

2017 Chevy Volt and a 2012 Volt prior to that. Both amazing cars. I never thought I'd own a Chevy, but two! Our Model 3's are far superior, but at the time the Chevy was a perfect fit. No range anxiety and cheap to own/maintain.

AWDTesla | April 17, 2019

2002 Porsche 911 C4S

jjgunn | April 17, 2019

Last 2 cars.....From 2003 - 2018

2008 Toyota Yaris - now with 243,000 on it (about to get donated) runs amazing still!
1985 Honda Accord 4-door w/Bumper Sticker -- "Don't LAUGH! It's paid for!" - Blew head gasket about 175,000

I hate cars.....until now.

June 2018 Model X 100D (Yes with FSD)
April 2019 Performance 3 (Friday)

Can't figure out why I like my cars?

drchris3 | April 17, 2019

At the price point we come in for the M3 there are a lot of cars available. I can safely say that I so love my M3 I would not wish to have another car at double what I paid.

jithesh | April 17, 2019

I was on ZipCars... Mostly Honda Civic and CRVs and sometimes Subaru. I always wanted to drive a Mazda 6 but they never had it in nearby ZipCar locations. I now see there is a red Mazda 6 ZipCar in my apartment lot after I got my Model 3. I still want to drive and see how it feels but don't feel that excited. I guess Model 3 has taken the excitement is on another level!

jimglas | April 17, 2019

2016 CR-V and 97 wrangler, BMW M3 before the honda

jim | April 17, 2019

Mini Cooper S 5 speed manual, Nissan 300ZX manual before that.
I've driven stick my entire life and thought the switch to a TESLA might be a challenge. I was wrong. I rarely ever drive the mini at this point.

wiscy67 | April 17, 2019

2014 ford fusion hybrid with lifetime 47 mpg and 600 mile range. not much performance however.

Elusivejeep | April 17, 2019

2011 jeep wrangler unlimited rubicon. swapped in a hemi and it has 40" tires. still own
2003 toyota tacoma. 290k miles. runs great. still own
1998 dodge ram diesel. sold
2000 Jeep wrangler rock crawler. sold
1997 jeep wrangler. sold
1983 Jeep CJ-7 rolled, rebuilt, sold
1980 jeep Cj-7 rolled
1982 Jeep CJ-8 scrambler. still own.
......the tesla was obviously a big change for me.

woster402 | April 17, 2019

2003 Wrangler X

woster402 | April 17, 2019

2003 Wrangler X

Just_Ted | April 17, 2019

VW “cheater” turbodiesel. Pre-ordered a LR, RWD model 3 pre-reveal, sight unseen. Took the VW blood money buyout and bought a used Prius and banked the leftover cash for a down payment on the 3. The “car fairy” gifted the Prius to my adult child.

Brian B | April 17, 2019

@woster402 Soooo, did you have 1 or 2 2003 Wrangler Xs?

gballant4570 | April 17, 2019

I had three ICEs, a pickup truck, a 4 door Chevy sedan, and a Smart ForTwo. I traded the Smart in on the Model 3. Still have the other two. I'm waiting for an Electric pickup, and the sedan will go whenever my wife can turn loose.....we haven't put gas in either of them since February.

gordon_r_benson | April 17, 2019

Mazda Protege5, Saab 9-3. Tesla blows both out of the water in every conceivable category. Although to be fair, the interior on the Mazda held up extraordinarily well. 185k miles on it and if I vacuumed it and hit the dash with some Armorall you'd swear it was nearly new.

woster402 | April 17, 2019

@Brian B Just the one. :D

tomgrote | April 17, 2019

@AWDTesla, cool I also came a 2002 911.

Domestic82 | April 17, 2019

2016 Volt
2014 Macan
2002 Corevtte Z06

The Volt has been a great ride and can probably be credited with getting me comfortable with full EV. I’ve been missing the torque beast that the corvette was for a while though. It’s odd to say I know, but in many respects the model 3 really reminds me of my old corvette.