2017 model, non-US, not feeling the update love

2017 model, non-US, not feeling the update love

I've an early 2017 MX, and am based out of New Zealand.
While I love getting new features added to the car via the updates,
I think our non-US cars are starting to fall behind.

Specifically, since late last year, the following major features have been added to
later model US cars:

Navigate on Autopilot, Sentry Mode, Lane Changes with Confirmation,
Lane Changes Without Confirmation, Dog Mode, Lane Change Alerts (vibration),
Dashcam, Obstacle Aware Navigation

Since late last year, my car has had the following "major" feature added:

Dog Mode

I'm not feeling the love from Tesla at this point.
Is this the same for other non-US Tesla's? Has my ancient model been left behind?

Your's sadly.

paul | April 18, 2019

I have also not seen the Dynamic Brake Light, Red Light Detection, Mirror Fold On Location.

I'm on 2019.8.5, which seems a quite recent release.

EVRider | April 18, 2019

All of the features you list are available in the US with 2019.8.5, but I don’t know what’s available elsewhere.

If your Model X was built before August 2107, you don’t have the hardware for the dashcam or Sentry Mode, though you might get Sentry Mode with 2019.12 (or later), though without the ability to record video on a USB. Some of the features you listed are only available with (E)AP — do you have that? Lane change alert is a standard feature even on older Teslas. | April 18, 2019

@Paul - do you have AP1 or AP2? HW 2.0 or HW2.5? Here's the production dates:

And the features depending on the hardware in your car:

If you have Dog mode, your software is fairly up to date (similar to many US owners).

tes-s | April 18, 2019

Do you have internet or cell service down there? Also, I think they do english language cars first.

Seriously, it may be that right-hand drive cars get updates a little later.

2018.50.6 on my 2013 MS
2019.8.5 on my 2018 MX

egonzo21 | April 18, 2019

Hi Tes-s,

I'm on 2018.50.6 as well on both my 2013 and 2015 MSes............I wonder if there will ever come a time that the older models stop receiving updates. I would assume at some point it would no longer be beneficial and more detrimental to the overall smoothness of the operating system. As we all see from our phones and how the updates eventually lead to getting a new phone that can handle the new software.

Perhaps the 2012-2013 Ses might already be in that boat.... but just my opinion. Also I should say I'm fine with not receiving updates if they do not pertain to anything my car can do.

I'm having so much fun with all things Tesla! I think I've ventured into total fanboy territory. haha

dborn | April 18, 2019

Certainly all 2014 model in Australia are getting zilch. I am still on the last update of 2018, and there are issues which are supposed to be corrected with an update, mainly “behind the scenes” issues computer glitches and audio login issues.

dborn | April 18, 2019

I also don’t know why we don’t have red traffic light recognition. After all if the car can recognise speed limit signs, why not traffic lights? The IQ3 chip is certainly capable of it, and now that Mobileye is owned by Intel, surely they could come to an arrangement to unlock all the final features of the Mobileye chip.

paul | April 18, 2019

to @EVRider and

Mine is an early 2017, so HW2.
I do have EAP and FSD.

Thanks for the links. According to the first - my car should be able to support NoA, Enhanced Summon, and Traffic Lights (It says "requires HW2.0 and later").

Looking at the hardware specs from the second... I can't see why at least Sentry isn't available (and perhaps even DashCam) because the cameras are certainly good enough. Admittedly the CPUs in HW2 are a fair way behind HW3.

For @tes-s
(pokes out tongue).

You might be right that RHD lags the rest - although its surprising that Sentry and DashCam are delayed.

spineeric | April 18, 2019

Did you check your Release Notes? That will list what you have with your last software update. Also, try calling the Service Center and ask what should be included in your latest update. Perhaps they can push a later update to you car?

Jcastillo18 | April 18, 2019

Don’t feel bad I’m in the United States and still have the 2018 firmware

PagemakersS75 | April 18, 2019

And on top of zero feature updates for UK cars we have only had about 4 or 5 new supercharging sites open this year.

ralph | April 19, 2019

I'm in the UK and have a late 2018 Model S 100D. I have 2019.8.6 and most of the functionality (as above) except for NoA. | April 19, 2019

@dborn - Very much doubt anything new will appear for AutoPilot on AP1 cars. The breakup was not clean, so even if Mobileye has new features (and I don't know that they do for the EyeQ3), Tesla may not get them. I also suspect all Tesla's AP development is focused on HW2.x and HW3 right now and trying to get out promised features. I don't remember traffic light detection as a promised AP1 feature.

I expect Mobileye is focused on EyeQ5 and maybe some on EyeQ4. I doubt they are putting any resources to EyeQ3 as there is zero demand. I expect every carmaker using EyeQ3 except Tesla has no easy way to update the code, and automakers (other than Tesla) rarely give a new feature to an old car. So EyeQ3 is likely a dead end for Mobileye other than selling replacement parts.

@paul - Keep in mind, many (most?) of us in the USA do not have NoA with auto lane change, Enhanced Summon or Traffic light detection. It appears only early access owners have gotten these as beta features. You may not be as far behind as you think. I do expect Tesla is being cautious about features that may work quite differently in other countries (signs, lights, road markings, direction of travel, etc.). These all need to be designed for and tested before rolling out in each country. Perhaps it's unfair, but I also suspect the fewer cars within a country relates to how fast or how much effort is put on testing/releasing those features that are country specific.

Very few of us with HW2.0 have sentry mode either, although there is hope.

paul | April 19, 2019

To any who asked...
I am on 2019.8.5, so the lack of features does seem to be a combination of:
- features not available because of HW2
- features not available because RHD or not in the US.

To anyone still on 2018.x, my commiserations, but if you are outside the US (and/or HW2), you are not missing a lot. 2019.x doesn’t add much for us.

Thanks for the feedback all.

Made in CA | April 20, 2019

Neither of our 2015’s have received an update since January. If they are going to stop updating our cars I wish they would have stopped before they ruined the UI last fall.

barrykmd | April 20, 2019

^^ +1 | April 20, 2019

I you hate updates and new features, it's easy to just ignore them and leave it at the version the car came with, although once you load a new update, there is no going back. Seems most like the new UI, especially after a few tweaks were made to calm those who ride with the rear camera on while driving forward and changes made for improved climate controls, done more recently. Always a few holdouts too. Same with 6 -> 7 and 7 -> 8.

paul | May 1, 2019

An update:

I've just received 2019.12.1.1.
New features are: sentry mode and warming battery before supercharging
(but none of the other missing features mentioned above). This is progress,
albeit a little slow.

Sadly my 2017 MX doesn't have the hardware to encode video to USB.
The release notes said that the video would be saved for a time on Tesla's servers.
How do I get to that? I can't see any access to sentry videos when logged in to
or in the app.