Fun Tesla Trick #872

Fun Tesla Trick #872

Had dinner last night with friends who have an infrared sensor that alerts them when a car comes in their driveway. Apparently, Tesla’s don’t have enough of a heat signature to trigger it, so we arrived undetected. Curious if anyone else has experienced this.

thranx | April 29, 2019

Wait for your observation to show up in a TV show or movie.

jbgregg | April 29, 2019

I paid for the Stealth option, didn’t you?

mcIary | April 29, 2019



sentabo | April 29, 2019

mclary, out of nowhere, supplying a lol.

ST70 | April 29, 2019


akikiki | April 30, 2019

welcome back mclary

Haggy | May 2, 2019

No wonder McLary is mad. This is trick 870 at the most.