adaptive suspension

adaptive suspension

The Tesla blog of 23 April includes "Fully Adaptive Suspension"
I have not been able to find much detail beyond what is written there.

This adaptive suspension is potentially a game changer. My 2018 P100D air suspension is good on the highway but my passengers complain that it is too rough on typical city streets (19-inch wheels).
Having an "ultra-cushioned feel when cruising on the highway or using Autopilot, and responsive, exhilarating confidence during dynamic driving."
will be a significant improvement and hopefully compete well with the adaptive suspensions of other manufacturers.

How is the Tesla fully adaptive suspension different from the Porsche Air Suspension including Active Suspension Management
or the Mercedes-Benz adaptive suspension system

It will be interesting to read the suspension reviews when the refreshed Model S is available.


EVRider | April 29, 2019

My 2018 S100D suspension is fine on city streets, so I’m guessing the P version is rougher.

Anthony J. Parisio | April 29, 2019

From what I understand the adaptive suspension system will have softer “springs” in the front and former “springs” in the back that can adapt to the road conditions. The last suspension system was done by Continental. If this is still a Continental system and then it should be very similar to what Mercedes is using.

peterdri | April 29, 2019

I am looking for more details. There was a screenshot of the UI showing choice of standard or sport.
Is the suspension active like the Bose?

ST70 | April 29, 2019

more info please....anybody get a test drive yet?

sr.smr | April 30, 2019

If it is anything like the Bose system, I would seriously consider trading in my 2017. Can't wait to hear the reviews.

Anthony J. Parisio | April 30, 2019

There is nothing like the Bose system. It is a one of a kind. It is to costly and heavy for cars to use it. Everyone else just firms up or softens through controlling the values. Some use scanning of the pavement ahead to determine the adjustments.

peterdri | April 30, 2019

Here is a screenshot of the new adaptive suspension system UI i mentioned in my earlier post.

hiimphilll | April 30, 2019

Bose --> Levant Power--> ClearMotion

lets hope Bose system was commercialized after all these years and Tesla got first dibs :)

sr.smr | May 1, 2019

Thanks @hiimphilll. Very impressive! I strongly suspect if Tesla did adopt the clearmotion technology, they would have specified the many advantages in the new suspension's description and have to charge a premium for the rights to this proprietary technology.