Best way to sell my Model S 90D, getting new one

Best way to sell my Model S 90D, getting new one

I'm selling my 2015 90D and upgrading to a new one.

Would appreciate any ideas on:

1. How to know the approximate value as a private party sale.

2. The best places to list it.

Thank you!

FYI: 2015 MS 90D, Pearl White w/white roof, premium package, tan leather, 42K miles, excellent condition, garaged in Mill Valley)

murphyS90D | April 29, 2019

Go to the KBB site and enter the car data. They will give trade-in value and private sale value. That will give you a data point on the value of the car. | April 29, 2019

Craigslist, TMC, And add your email address to your comments; someone here may be interested! Include a price.
So here goes...2014 P85DL, MC red, next gen tan leather seats, dual chargers, pano roof, premium sound, air suspension. 45,500 miles. Very good condition. Tesla annual maintenance X 4; 12V battery and MCU replaced within the past 9 months. Asking $56,000. For the right price will throw in a unopened Tesla HPWC. SW Virginia. Email: | April 29, 2019

I also recommend putting a for sale sign on the car with a price and phone number. Put the car out front of your house if street parking allowed and you get some traffic. Sold mine in a day this way after trying eBay and Craigslist. Here's a number of other places you can list/sell your car:

Quick sale will depend upon the price, but KBB is a great way to start.

fritzlan | May 1, 2019

Thanks Guys,
Just talked to Tesla and they offered 33K for my car. Kelly Blue Book says it worth 40-50K to a used car buyer. Clearly there is incentive to sell it myself. Like 17K!
The Tesla guy mentioned CarMax. Anyone have any experience with them?
And, I can hardly wait to get my new MS...

BarryQ | May 1, 2019

Went to CarMax a few days ago. They offered me $6,000 more for a 2013 S60 than did Tesla. $26,000 vs $20,000.