autopilot timeout?

autopilot timeout?

As I often do on the way home, on a long stretch of an avenue with many traffic lights, I activated autopilot to let it do the stopping and going. This time, however, in a stream of cars at a traffic light, an internal alert signal sounded, and the message "select drive to proceed" (or something to that effect) was displayed. Also, on the driver's display, there was an unusual red graphic in the center, but I was to hurried to avoid impeding traffic to take a note of it. I pressed the brake, selected drive, and proceeded as normal.

What happened? Does the car time out when stopped in autopilot?

EVRider | April 30, 2019

It sounds like you shifted into Park by mistake. Did you lift your butt off the seat? Open your door? Something else?

TACC (with or without Autosteer) will go into HOLD mode under certain conditions (see the manual), but that doesn’t shift you out of Drive.

kerryglittle | May 1, 2019

I noticed mine did that the other day but I'm not sure if I happened to engage hold that might over ride AP. I had to press the accelerator to get moving again. | May 1, 2019

Perhaps it detected a red light and dropped out of AP? New feature in v12.1 or so. Note that red light detection does not currently apply the brakes!