Volume control is acting wonky after software update

Volume control is acting wonky after software update

Is anyone else experiencing this? After the latest update, every time the car turns on the volume goes up to 9 or so and will do so randomly while driving. I just did a reboot so I'll see if that fixes it.

xplorit | May 2, 2019

I'm having volume control issues too on 12.1.1, but mine goes the other way. I'll be driving then all of a sudden the volume is turned all the way down. I haven't tried a full reboot yet. Hopefully that fixes your issue as well.

pkurland | May 2, 2019

When I got 12.1.1, shifting to reverse would regularly turn off the audio. A hard reboot fixed that.
The car has always had an issue where sometimes on first turning on, the volume switches between normal and silent about 5 times in a few seconds. No firmware update or reboot has fixed that.

barrykmd | May 2, 2019

My audio has been going off, or dropping down in volume (5 to 3) when switching from radio to slacker and back.

I could make my usual snarky comments about the competence of the software team, but I won't, this time :-)

Ohmster | May 2, 2019

^But you basically just did.....

jeepn30 | May 3, 2019

my volume turns on after I shut my door when I get out of the car. I then have to open another door and close it in order to get it to stop

jordanrichard | May 3, 2019

I too had strange media issues post 12.1.1. Wit the radio on, as soon as I put it into either Drive or Reveres, the radio cut out, but streaming radio worked. If I then switched from streaming back to the radio, the radio would come back on. Also the volume control was wonky. Did a reboot and all was fixed.

jrk123k | May 3, 2019

I had two of the issues above (1) Volume reset to 3 every time I entered the car (2) Volume stayed on after leaving the car unless I opened and closed the door a second time. Both issues were resolved with a reboot.

williamsc | May 3, 2019

My radio cuts out as well after putting into drive mode, but my streaming works too. Volume control also seems wonky here as well.

jeepn30 | May 4, 2019

Reboot has now fixed my issue.