Considering Model X... Question re Falcon Doors and Garage...

Considering Model X... Question re Falcon Doors and Garage...

Hi all, I have a Model 3 which I love, and am currently considering a Model X for my wife. My main question is how good the sensors are on the Falcon doors? I don't think it will be an issue to open the doors when my garage door is closed, but when the garage door is open, will the Falcon doors stop before hitting the portion of the garage door that will then be on top of the car? Any information would greatly be appreciated!

jimglas | May 2, 2019

Mine has always stopped, but I still stand next to them so that I can manually restrain them if they don't

Teslapalooza | May 2, 2019

It has always stopped for me. Same with the trunk door, it knows the ceiling is not that high and stops short of full open.

Raffim | May 2, 2019

Thanks @jimglas and @Teslapalooza!

mbp11 | May 2, 2019

I might add... one of the drawbacks is that the falcon wing doors do not have sensors present when they are going down to lock. If they hit something,, they will stop but they can give you a bang on the head. The doors have hit my girlfriend on the head twice when she was exiting the front passenger door and the FWD was closing on her side. I accidently closed the doors again on her yesterday, and they whacked her on the head again. I thought she was going to cry, she held her head for a minute or two, the yelled at me "I hate your car" and then fled into the pet store where we stopped.

Raffim | May 2, 2019

@mbp11... thanks for the "heads up" (no pun intended)! :)

switters | May 2, 2019

I had a similar question. Where can I find info on what the required horizontal and vertical clearance is? I have an MS and it just barely fits in my garage lengthwise (I have to back it in to about 12 inches from the rear cabinet in order for the garage door to close), but I'm concerned that the Falcon doors may not have room to open in terms of width and height.

Uncle Paul | May 2, 2019

The sensors have worked well in my garage. I have some runners from the garage opener and the sensors always have stopped before hitting them. They actually stop 6 inches before they would hit, so sometimes I physically raise them up a little further if I need the additional access.
On the drivers side there are some cabinets close to the door. It will crab a little to open by staying close to the side of the vehicle. Still open wide enough to get in or out, but it takes a second or so longer to open up.

Really quite a remarkable vehicle.

Raffim | May 2, 2019

@Uncle Paul... thank you!

mbp11 | May 2, 2019

You will find a lot of information on the Model X at

Raffim | May 2, 2019

@mbp11 - thanks for the tip... I will definitely check it out!

LTR | May 2, 2019

Sensors have worked flawlessly in my low ceiling garage...

azmurph | May 2, 2019

When the X detects any roof over it, it automatically only partially opens even before the sensors detect an obstruction. For instance, in the parking garage at my office, there is plenty of room, but the falcon doors and rear hatch opened only partially. I then marked that location as safe to open and they then opened fully. In my garage at home I didn’t mark it safe so they partially open. I’m honestly not sure if it’s fully opening as “partial” or detecting something in my garage, but they never come close to the garage door rail; although they would hit it if they fully opened.

David Trushin | May 10, 2019

Also tree branches 20 feet above the car.