Problem reading releases notes and manual on the display

Problem reading releases notes and manual on the display

I can access the release notes and manual on the display screen but when the window pops up there is no text. It’s a blank white box. It’s like the text is the same color as the background making it unable to read.
Any suggestions as to what might be the issue.
Thanks in advance.

lilbean | May 4, 2019

That happened to me. I just kept checking back and scrolling down until it popped up. I might have done a reset as well.

EVRider | May 4, 2019

It’s an old bug, usually requiring a reboot to fix. There was some thought that this might be related to a browser bug, but I think some people with the new browser are still seeing blank release notes. I think the new browser came in 2019.12, but I’m not sure.

Silver2K | May 4, 2019

I had this issue with the recent update. I just left the screen up and all the information came up after a 20-30 seconds

akikiki | May 4, 2019

I reset my henway and there was no problem after that.

barrykmd | May 4, 2019

Not going to fall for that one, akikiki!

akikiki | May 4, 2019

Shucks, :)

EVRider | May 5, 2019

I always thought HW stood for hardware, not henway — you learn something new every day! :-)