Just rolled off Warranty: First Thing to Go was the Chargeport

Just rolled off Warranty: First Thing to Go was the Chargeport

By warranty, I mean the extended warranty at 100,000 or 4 years. I'm a high mileage driver so Scarlett the 2014 S just clipped 100,000 miles since the new year.

Cost of the new chargeport was $850. I have 10 more months of payments to go with no more coverage or routine services. I'd kinda like to keep the car for another 12 months after the payments are done, just to attempt to live with no expenses.

Question: Will I make it that far or will the car bleed me dry? Mine is cool-ass legacy green exterior, carbon fiber interior trim, and pano roof -- all options currently unavailable. So I love my unique car.

I will provide updates as I drive down the highway.

plusplusjames | May 8, 2019

One more detail: this was my third Chargeport. First one was replaced under warranty 2 years ago.

DBrohm | May 8, 2019

The chargeport in my '13 P85+ has been replaced once, the chargeport door has been replaced twice and is about to be replaced again. In warmer weather, the metal disc embedded in the door detaches and sticks to the magnet in the port housing. At this point, it really seems like a design flaw in this, and maybe other model years. I know the chargeport was redesigned not long after my model year.

jordanrichard | May 8, 2019

I am at 152,000 miles on my ‘14 S85 and my repair costs post 100,000 miles have even the folllowing:

Original 12v battery $210 @107,988 miles (Mar 2018)
Rear right window motor/regulator - $285 @ 107,988 miles (Mar 2018)
Worn front suspension work - $1406 @107,988 miles (Mar 2018)
Left rear parking brake caliper - $587 @ 122,001 miles (Aug 2018)
Broken door handle gear - $243 @ 130,624 miles (Nov 2018)

Bighorn | May 8, 2019

My original charge port lasted over 200,000 miles. I think I paid about $500. I passed on the LED colored ring bulb for $300.

Silver2K | May 9, 2019

The new ports are one piece. I believe the new ports are in 2015 cars and up

Silver2K | May 9, 2019

Unfortunately you cannot install your own port unless you fix an old one that was already installed in the past. Any new port has to have firmware installed as soon as you install the port or the car will not move. The car is off message will not go away.