Lost Family Heirloom @ SuperCharger

Lost Family Heirloom @ SuperCharger

Hey all, may have lost a generational gold and initialed bracelet @ the Roseville/
Concord supercharger, if anyone comes across it please give me a shout @ 916-250-0990. Much appreciated, and God Bless!

dapetrun | May 12, 2019

What state are we talking about? It may help to post on social media sites. Much larger audience. Sorry to hear this. Good luck.

mbp11 | May 12, 2019

I think this is in the State of California, and is referring to two superchargers, the one in Concord, CA and in Roseville, CA. The area code 916 phone is in the Sacramento, northern central valley area.

Mike P

Tessa75D | May 12, 2019

You got it Mbp 11 spot on! Thank you all!