An American takes out the Tesla haters and describes the M3 in detail

An American takes out the Tesla haters and describes the M3 in detail

A well done video

Atom12 | May 12, 2019


M3phan | May 12, 2019

Outstanding!! He mentions that he is starting a new tesla YouTube channel The Tech of Tech. I’ll be watching! I like his style.

ALDONY | May 12, 2019


Sparky | May 12, 2019

Yeah, that's a good video from an intelligent guy who is an interesting combination as an individual.

jdcollins5 | May 12, 2019

I really like this guy and his message about Tesla. I will definitely follow him on The Tech of Tech.

It is also nice to know that he is from NC and drives a Silver Model 3 :)

M3phan | May 12, 2019

Love that silver.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | May 12, 2019

Cool! I hadn’t thought of where my power came from until watching him. America doesn’t import fuel for our power plants. We import sunshine I suppose, but that’s all!

greg | May 12, 2019

I noticed he talked about defending his constitutional rights.

But doing so using the 1st Amendment, not the usual 2nd amendment.

apodbdrs | May 12, 2019


82bert | May 12, 2019

Really articulate in describing what Tesla is all about and why it’s ludicrous to at lest not consider one if you have the means.

82bert | May 12, 2019

Every time I drive mine, I wonder how on earth anyone drives anything else. Truly in love with this car.

Tropopause | May 12, 2019

Thanks for keeping it going, Mike83! You always have better responses than I do. :)

The shorts need to watch this video and realize how un-American they are trying to destroy the future of the USA.

Mike83 | May 13, 2019

Thanks Tropopause. Your posts are excellent. Our country is starting to make a banana republic look better.

bpatter123 | May 13, 2019

No idea if this guy and I share political views, but he makes a great case for using the Tesla to start talking to folks about stuff we have in common. Lefties and Righties gotta agree this is a good thing.

No_ICE | May 13, 2019


Future_owner | May 13, 2019

If this guy can change some minds then more power to him. I thought the video was done well. Any time I talk to people who are skeptical I just make sure to never belittle them for their skepticism I just answer their questions with the truth. A ride usually at least gets them to take notice.

cmh95628 | May 13, 2019

I like this guys sense of humor. In the "tech in tech" channel, the video on battery versus gas car fires... "why would you want to keep a lithium battery two inches from your junk?!?" So funny...

Mike83 | May 14, 2019

He has a sharp mind and some people won't catch it.

christian | May 14, 2019

Great video!

EAPme | May 15, 2019

The video was well done and is a good primer/intro to Tesla like many others on youtube..

I consider myself patriotic too, but that's not the primary reason why I am a Tesla fan. I'd consider it a coincidental benefit.

Danakazam | May 15, 2019

Wow. Great video. Upvoted. I hope lots of people see it.

Mike83 | May 15, 2019

Our first drive in a Tesla about 6 years ago was all I needed to start saving to buy one. So happy we did and have bought 3 Teslas since then. Nothing else compares performance wise, safety, convenience and it was and is life changing. Our last trip of 2000 miles on Nav on EAP was fun and easy. Being a successful American company employing over 40,000 Americans doesn't hurt and now it is taking over the EU and China.
The Grin is even bigger. ;-)

cabbower | May 15, 2019

Great video. I too get the "were do you put the gas?" question followed by something about Tesla being a foreign car. I think many people are used to "green" cars being unattractive and they just can't believe something so beautiful can be so high tech, environmentally friendly, and made in the USA.
Love my M3 :)

Mike83 | May 16, 2019

Finally, Tesla acquires Maxwell Tech. This is another American Company with some nice caveats.

Bighorn | May 16, 2019


Mike83 | May 16, 2019

Good catch. I meant to write covert.

spuzzz123 | May 16, 2019

Still don’t get it. Covert?

Mike83 | May 16, 2019

the hidden benefits

CST | May 17, 2019

Is it me, or were his comments on gigafactory a bit outdated?

Effopec | May 17, 2019

Yeah, good overall, but some of his comments miss the mark a bit. When someone asks me about my electric bill going up I just point out that I get about 40 miles per dollar of electricity while charging at home (I pay about $0.10/kWh), and about 20 mi/$ from superchargers. So it's much less expensive than driving any gas car. I then point out that it's not too hard to find free chargers at hotels, shopping centers, etc. - when was the last time you got free gas?

Mike83 | May 17, 2019

I have been using solar PV for over 20 years installed in two homes and have saved a bundle which enabled me to buy 3 Teslas along with some good stock profits. It costs me zero $ to run our Teslas. I would estimate(very rough numbers) we have saved over $200,000 for 20 years not using oil or gas or paying the rising costs of electricity. Stick it to the Kochs and Saudis. Sorry that many Americans get so easily conned by you know who promising coal jobs.
How is all that working out?
In the meantime we continue to live free and have fun driving the best vehicles ever made/

Some real Tesla news.

Mike83 | May 28, 2019

Should have reminded people of this on Memorial Day.