Question about selling my Model S and free supercharging

Question about selling my Model S and free supercharging

I am selling my 2017 Model S 75D and when I look under My Account it says the following:

“Supercharging - You have free, unlimited Supercharging for your current Tesla vehicle. If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will not transfer to the next owner.”

Some people listing their Tesla’s for sale say that the Free SuperCharging can transfer to the new owner. Do some cars let you transfer the Free SuperCharging and others do not (like mine)?

Thank you.


Bill_75D | May 13, 2019

They cut off the free supercharging transfer to subsequent owners sometime in mid-January 2017, I think.

Bill_75D | May 13, 2019

My late December 2016 keeps free supercharging for life with the car.

Sonofman | May 13, 2019

Some supercharging was attached to the cars, some was attached to the owner. This transition happened around the beginning of 2017 from what I read.

In the OP's case, the supercharging is with the owner of the car and not the car itself. A new owner will have to pay for it like most other owners.

SO | May 13, 2019

@Sonofman - correct. But to add to that, the free supercharging for the OP only works for him while he owns THAT vehicle. It’s not like the OP can buy a new Tesla with unlimited supercharging.

stevenmaifert | May 13, 2019

The free Supercharging for the life of the vehicle cutoff was for cars ordered after January 15, 2017. Ref: